Bali Tourism Board brings inspiration to International Council of Tourism Partners

bali tourism board
bali tourism board
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HALEIWA, Hawaii, USA; BRUSSELS, Belgium; VICTORIA, Seychelles – The Bali Tourism Board has joined the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) as a destination member.

HALEIWA, Hawaii, USA; BRUSSELS, Belgium; VICTORIA, Seychelles – The Bali Tourism Board has joined the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) as a destination member.

Bali is known as a living legend, the island of inspiration. With something for everyone, it is an ideal vacation choice for family fun, honeymoon romance, youth tourism, adventure travel, and cultural and artistic explorations.
Bali is renowned for having maintained its traditional culture against the sweeping tides of the modern world. In many parts of the island, life goes on as it has for centuries, with rhythms of ritual, creativity, and culture still serving as a community compass. Here, the arts are woven into the everyday, making Bali a world center of music, dance, visual arts, and of course, shopping.
Bali also preserves another important tradition: the find art of relaxation. Whether one chooses to laze on a palm-fringed beach or sink into the serenity of one of the island’s spas, a Bali vacation is a sure cure for a stress-laden life.
Balinese Hindus are famous for their spectacular celebrations of life, which combine artistry and spirituality in unforgettable display of devotion. The Balinese believe that their gods love beauty, and their religious rituals are feasts for the senses as well as the soul, earning Bali its name as “the island of the Gods.”

ICTP Chairman Juergen T. Steinmetz said: “ICTP is proud to have the Bali Tourism Board join as a destination member. Bali boasts a wealth of modern tourism facilities, from luxurious resort and spas to professional travel and transportation services, to high-quality, well-managed attractions.”

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The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) is a grassroots travel and tourism coalition of global destinations committed to quality service and green growth. ICTP engages communities and their stakeholders to share quality and green opportunities including tools and resources, access to funding, education, and marketing support. ICTP advocates sustainable aviation growth, streamlined travel formalities, and fair coherent taxation. ICTP supports the UN Millennium Development Goals, the UN World Tourism Organization’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, and a range of programs that underpin them.

ICTP has destination members in Anguilla; Aruba; Australia; Bangladesh; Belgium, Belize; Brazil; Canada; Caribbean; China; Croatia; Cyrpus; Egypt; Ecuador; Egypt; (The) Gambia; Georgia; Germany; Ghana; Greece; Grenada; India; Indonesia; Iran; Jordan; Kenya; Korea (South); La Reunion (French Indian Ocean); Malaysia; Malawi; Mauritius; Mexico; Morocco; Nicaragua; Nigeria; Northern Mariana Islands (USA Pacific Island Territory); Romania; Sultanate of Oman; Pakistan; Palestine; Philippines; Portugal; Rwanda; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; South Africa; Sri Lanka; St. Eustatius (Dutch Caribbean); St. Kitts; St. Lucia; Sudan; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Trinidad & Tobago; Uganda; USA; Yemen; Zambia; and Zimbabwe.

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