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International press from all corners of the world continue to zoom on the Celebrate Seychelles Events for new angle of media coverage of events with a difference and which are staged in total safety o

International press from all corners of the world continue to zoom on the Celebrate Seychelles Events for new angle of media coverage of events with a difference and which are staged in total safety on the world’s most beautiful islands.

The Celebrate Seychelles Events Department has been doing everything to keep the name Seychelles in the forefront. Last week, the country reported on the South African newspaper that gave Seychelles their front page and dedicated it to the island’s “carnival of carnivals” in which South Africa actively participates year after year to showcase their own rich culture and the diversity of their proud people. Today it is a report by the Mauritian journalist George Michel from the newspaper “Le Mauricien” that is being covered. George Michel flew to the Seychelles for the 15th Feast of the Assumption in August to cover the event that is also known as the Lafet La Digue and that attract year after year thousands to the tourist paradise of La Digue island. The Mauritius journalist wanted through his report to draw to the attention of the readers the importance of this annual feast to Seychelles and to the island of La Digue where the celebrations have traditionally taken place.

In two full pages of article in the Le Mauricien of Mauritius dated August 21, 2012, journalist George Michel brings the highlights of the Feast of the Assumption’s open-air mass attended by a large crowd of worshippers, heartened by the presence of the Roman Catholic Bishop Denis Wiehe who was presiding over the mass and the roaring success of the religious event.

In a separate article heading, “The small queen of La Digue,” makes reference to the island bicycles and the friendly attitudes of the islanders. The article says: When extolling the virtues of the island of La Digue, visitors can appreciate the picturesque beaches and the warmth of the people.” For the “Le Mauricien” newspaper, the bicycle is the most popular means of transport and is even better than what we are all used to these days. The two-wheeled vehicles are making such a sensation to the point that the Mauritius “Le Mauricien” has dedicated a full-page report on the bicycle-friendly amenities on La Digue island.

“On the point of disembarkation, on the northeast of the island, one can discover kilometers of bicycle aligned by the road side, all ready to be rented out to the visitors. The bicycle is a functional and practical means of moving around the island…” quoted the “Le Mauricien” article.

Behind the island scene of whizzing bicycles, La Digue’s green transport revolution has been touched upon in the article. The e-hybrid vehicle seems to be on the verge of breaking through, offering further significant environmental benefits to the tourist-dependent island.

“La Digue possesses very few motor vehicles in circulation. Most of the vehicles on the island are privately owned. They are used for construction purposes, government ministries, and to load and unload merchandises on the island. On an island with an arterial road five kilometers long and three kilometers wide, the Seychelles government has given licenses to only five taxi operators. On the island of La Digue, the Seychelles government has for the past years advocated an ecological policy; a policy which the islanders are more than ever determined to uphold,” outlined Mauritian journalist George Michel.

The 15th August Feast of La Digue is a happy blend of an event now firmly established on the island’s Celebrate Seychelles list of Events and the Roman Catholic Church whose Feast of the Assumption this celebration remains.

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