China Southern Airlines to retrofit 40 aircraft with Blended Winglets

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SEATTLE, Wash. – Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) announced today the largest order in its history from a Chinese airline for retrofit Blended Winglets, with China Southern Airlines extending their technological advantage by equipping an additional 40 Boeing Next-Generation 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft with Blended Winglets. China Southern is already enjoying the benefits of APB’s Advanced Technology product on 32 aircraft, saving fuel and increasing their takeoff weight capability from difficult airports such as Kunming.

“China Southern is operating in an ultra-competitive market and Blended Winglets contribute significantly to an airline’s profitability” said Craig McCallum, Aviation Partners Boeing director of Sales and Marketing. “With 40 additional aircraft utilizing our technology, China Southern can expect almost US$11 million in additional contribution to profit annually, while reducing their CO2 output by more than 20,000 tonnes.”

Blended Winglets provide the most reliable form of fuel hedging available in today’s volatile fuel market; the performance lasts for the life of the aircraft and regardless of fuel price — they generate savings. To date, Aviation Partners Boeing estimates that Blended Winglet Technology has saved airlines worldwide more than 3.3 billion gallons of jet fuel.

“China Southern’s commitment fits perfectly with China’s goal of reducing energy consumption through technology,” added Patrick LaMoria, Aviation Partners Boeing chief commercial officer.

Nearly 5,000 Blended Winglet Systems are now in service on Boeing 737s, 757s, and 767s with more than 200 airlines worldwide.

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