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Edinburgh is Europe’s second most expensive destination in terms of the cost of lodging there.

Edinburgh is Europe’s second most expensive destination in terms of the cost of lodging there. A new survey from uncovered this finding when it compared hotel rates for 30 main destinations in Europe. The period spanning June through August 2012 served as the basis of comparison.

To stay overnight in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, summer 2012 travelers had to pay, on average, 87 GBP (109 euros) per night. And that was for the cheapest available hotel room at an establishment rated with a minimum of two stars. Only the Swedish capital of Stockholm was slightly more expensive at an average of 111 euros per night. Rounding out the top three was Italy’s Venice, where the average price during the same time period was 103 euros nightly.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, reputed to be the world’s largest arts festival, was certainly a factor in the city’s high hotel rates. Held annually for three weeks each August and attended by an average of 75,000 per day, its popularity puts hotel rooms at a premium in the city.

“During the Festival Fringe, travelers are hard-pressed to find a room below GBP 150 per night. Considering the month of August only, Edinburgh is by far the most expensive destination in Europe, and the festival certainly plays a significant role in that,” commented Barbara Adams from

The following table shows the 10 most expensive destinations in Europe based on their lodging costs. The prices shown reflect each city’s average rate for the cheapest available double room (minimum 2-star hotel) during the summer time period spanning June through August 2012.

Stockholm – 111 euros
Edinburgh – 109 euros
Venice – 103 euros
Zurich – 101 euros
Oslo – 94 euros
Copenhagen – 93 euros
London – 91 euros
Nice – 78 euros
Paris – 73 euros
Dublin – 71 euros

For the full rankings of the survey, visit .

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