How Online Banking Improves Your Business

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With the development of e-commerce, the traditional financial business and classic banking services are becoming more and more restrictive to business activity. Unprepared for significant reforms, they slow down business relations. The demand for dynamic and multifunctional online banking that provides a decent alternative service is growing. Luckily, you can open a business account with the Genome electronic money institution to become more competitive and mobile. 

Use Online Banking Outside the Traditional Financial Business

Online banking is actively used for both personal and business needs. However, while it is a question of convenience and mobility for private users, an eWallet for businesses assumes bigger profitability ensured by instant and reliable transactions. Open a business account to see all its advantages:

Possibility to Open Several IBANs

Sometimes a business needs to separate IBAN accounts. With online banking, you don’t have to open accounts with multiple banks or multiple platforms. Genome will open up to five IBANs per currency: GBP, EUR, and USD, and this will happen in a matter of minutes.

Currency Exchange Option

With online banking, you don’t need to search for a financial business or additional services that will allow you to exchange currencies. These operations can be conducted right in your business account with a beneficially low fee.

Multiple Possibilities to Transfer Your Money with Online Banking

Business requires a clear and well-functioning money transfer system. Online banking offers several options for transfers in Romania as well as other countries in Europe:

Type of TransferAdvantages
SWIFT transferthe most reputable and reliable transfer system used in the financial business  money transfers across more than 200 countries strict requirements that guarantee the security of transactions an additional level of security for online banking provided by special Genome tools transfers completed within 1 – 3 days
SEPA transferthe best payment system for Eurozone since all the transfers are as quick and easy as domestic ones possibility to save costs on transaction fees since they are lower than for SWIFT transfers a short time of transaction execution in comparison to SWIFT — less than 4 hours
Genome transferinstant transfers to any business or personal Genome eWallet after you open a business account no need to enter all information about your recipient: it will be enough to specify just one parameter  no fees for internal money transfers possibility to transfer in EUR, GBP, and USD

Possibility to Manage Your Account with Other People Involved

Online banking provides a unique service of joint management of your business account. You can connect multiple employees by assigning roles and defining different access rights. If it is required to close access for any of the partners, you can do it instantly. This feature is very convenient for a business that demands responsibility distribution for managing financial issues. So, you can open a business account and allocate financial tasks among your colleagues. 

Detailed Analytics on Online Banking Account

You can get detailed analytics on your expenses and income to protect your business account from unwanted money leaks and effectively manage your resources.

In addition, you will receive real-time alerts on all transactions with the help of built-in security tools. And this means that none of your employees who are allowed to manage the business account will be able to abuse your funds.

So, open a business account and take advantage of online banking with Genome to keep up with the dynamic times. Doing business in Romania and Europe requires modern solutions and advanced platforms that provide financial services. Online banking is the latest and most efficient form of managing your funds. Use the best!

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