ILA Berlin Air Show launches on September 11

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BERLIN, Germany – The Aerospace section at the International Air Show ILA 2012 (11 to 16 Sept.) is without rival anywhere in the world.

BERLIN, Germany – The Aerospace section at the International Air Show ILA 2012 (11 to 16 Sept.) is without rival anywhere in the world. With the Space Pavilion, Space Conferences/Events and Aeronautic & Space World as its three main concepts, this year the Aerospace section will again feature a high-level meeting of experts and a unique discovery world for the public, thereby underlining the ILA’s international standing as the leading trade fair for the aerospace community. It is Europe’s main meeting place for decision-makers from politics, industry, research, science and space agencies as well as for civil and military aerospace customers. Thomas Reiter, Director of Human Spaceflight/Operations, ESA: “Aerospace is an important part of the ILA. This is where the big players are, the large companies and agencies from East and West. The ILA is an outstanding platform to exchange views and to talk or think about joint programmes for the future.“

The focus is on the Space Pavilion organised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), the European Space Agency (ESA), the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the German Aerospace Industries Association e. V. (BDLI). Unmatched anywhere in Europe, the pavilion has already received numerous international awards. Under the heading of “Space for Earth“ and in space-like surroundings, the partners involved will present all of Germany and Europe’s leading space projects and programmes on a display area covering 1,500 square metres.

At the Space Pavilion aerospace applications and how they form part of our everyday lives will be one of the key themes. Geo-observation data and topographical information provided by satellites such as TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X and Cryosat will be shown, highlighting topics such as climate change, air quality and urban growth, and there will be impressive and easy-to-understand presentations of the latest earth observation results. The European satellite system Galileo as well as satellite communication technology and developments will also be on show. Following the success of the “Green Island“ in the middle of the 2010 Space Pavilion visitors to this year’s ILA can look forward to the earth observation displays featuring something very special. Among the other key themes at the Space Pavilion are the continuing development of Ariane 5 and European spaceflight. Prominent exhibits on human spaceflight and exploration will round off the display. The focus will be on the International Space Station (ISS), its continuing operation, the European Columbus module and the possible development of a supply module for the ISS and Automated Transfer Vehicle (ATV). Last but not least there will be displays illustrating re-entry technology and robotics and how spaceflight can contribute to greater security on earth.

At the high-level Space Conferences the main event will be Space Day III on Wednesday afternoon (12 Sept.). Senior executives of the aerospace industry are expected to attend who will discuss this sector’s impact on our everyday lives and on economic growth. Federal Minister of Economics Dr. Philipp Rösler has agreed to act as patron. Other conferences and events with high-ranking figures are also scheduled. They include, on Tuesday afternoon (11 Sept.) the symposium on the “Military Exploitation of Space“, on Wednesday morning (12 Sept.) the conference on “Satellite Communications – Global Challenges“, and on Thursday afternoon (13 Sept.) the “Earth Observation Conference“.

The Space Pavilion and the results of the ILA 2012 space conferences will also play an important role at a later date, when the ESA Council of Ministers holds its next conference in Italy in autumn 2012. In this context it is crucial to examine the various programme approaches together with European partners. Thus the Space Pavilion will be the main platform for talks and dialogue prior to the ESA ministerial conference in autumn and will address all of the issues and programmes on the agenda with international guests and decision-makers. The programme of conferences and events is listed under the Aerospace section at, where detailed information on the conferences in the Space Pavilion can also be found.

An attractive programme of events for all the family is being prepared for the Open Days at ILA 2012 (14 to16 Sept.). During the morning on 14 September, on Astronauts´ Day, visitors will be able to experience astronauts at close hand, For children there will once again be a popular “space quiz “, with great prizes.

The Aeronautic & Space World will round off the aerospace display at the ILA, which is where the stands of the international aerospace community are. Exhibitors include the Federal Ministry of Economics, the German Aerospace Center (DLR), the German Society for Aeronautics and Astronautics (DGLR) and numerous international and German aerospace companies and organisations.

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