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New Orleans has Highest Prevalence of Genital Herpes in US

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STDcheck.com today announced that New Orleans is the U.S. city with the highest prevalence of genital herpes.

Through partnerships with various nonprofits and educational institutes, STDcheck.com tested over 130,000 people for genital herpes last year. Data shows New Orleans has a 20.4% prevalence rate – this is higher than 30 other metropolitan areas across the country and 30% higher than the national average of 15.7%. This makes New Orleans the highest in the nation for genital herpes diagnosis.

“New Orleans could be on the precipice of having a public health crisis due to the high spread of genital herpes in the city. We cannot stress enough that sexually active people use protection to avoid contracting an STD,” said Dr. David Jayne, the Medical Director of STDcheck.com.

In addition, the prevalence rate of New Orleans drastically increased 57% over the last three years, from just 13.1% in 2019. As of yet, there is no definitive cure for this disease, but there are many efforts to curtail the spread of it. Testing is just one way to ensure you have not been infected or will know what steps to take next if you have. Our team of medical professionals can advise on preventative measures to take to stop the spread of herpes. A diagnosis of herpes doesn’t have to be the end of your sex life. Get tested today through our private testing labs.

“Unprotected sex is dangerous and people need to know if they have been exposed to prevent more severe health problems,” said Dr. Jayne. “We understand that deciding to get tested for an STD is difficult. Rest assured that our high-quality tests are the best in medical testing. There is no paperwork to fill out or questions to answer at the testing center.”

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