5 Major Parts of A Research Paper

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When writing your research paper, various parts need to be included to be effective and properly formatted. This blog post will discuss the five major components of a research paper: introduction, literature review, methods, results, and discussion. Each part is essential to present a well-rounded and cohesive research paper. Let’s take a closer look at each one!


The introduction is the first section of a research paper, and it should provide a brief overview of the topic being studied. The introduction includes a thesis statement, which is a sentence that states the paper’s main point. It should also include a summary of the current research that has been conducted on the topic. Still, in the introduction, you should provide your research question.

Review of Literature

The literature review is the section of a research paper where you discuss the current state of knowledge on the topic that is being studied. In this section, you should cite previous studies that have been conducted on the subject and summarize their findings. You should also include your thoughts and interpretations.

Research Methods

The methods section of a research paper is where you describe how you conducted your study. here, you give a clear description of the study participants, the experimental procedure, and the data analysis method. Moreover, research methods should be described sufficiently so that another researcher could replicate your study. if you find it hard doing your research assignments, drop us a simple message ”write my research paper for me,” and our experts will take your projects.


The results section of a research paper is where you present the findings of your study. it is in this part where you briefly explain the data that was collected, as well as tables and figures to illustrate the data. Each research paper should have a discussion section in which you interpret the results. This part should involve qualitative research and quantitative research involving tables or graphs.


In the discussion part, you will interpret the findings of your study and discuss their implications. This section should include a discussion of the strengths and limitations of your research and how your findings could be applied to real-world situations. The information in your discussion should relate to the thesis statement and literature review introduced in the introduction. Additionally, this section should also highlight any future research needed in order.

After the five major parts of the research paper, you conclude and reference your work. The conclusion is where you summarize the findings of your study and discuss their implications.

On the other hand, references list all the cited sources in your research paper. This section should be alphabetized and include the author’s name, article title, journal name, volume number, and page numbers.

Hopefully, this post has helped you better understand the five major parts of a research paper! Keep in mind that each section should be well-written and organized to produce a high-quality research paper. we are glad you took your time reading our post, could you need help writing your research paper, we will be happy to assist you. Contact us today for more information. Thanks for reading!

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