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Best and worst value for money passports in the world

Best and worst value for money passports in the world

We all need a passport to travel around the world, but the freedom that comes with your passport can vary quite a lot depending on where you live.

Not only this but the costs of applying for one can differ drastically too, meaning that a passport can prove to be much more valuable for some countries than others.

Taking both the ‘power’ of a passport in terms of the number of countries you can visit, as well as the cost to buy one, industry experts have revealed the world’s best value for money passports. 

The world’s best value for money passports

RankCountryMobility scoreCostPassport value score /10
1United Arab Emirates162$13.6110.00
3South Korea158$43.217.98
0 79

The best value for money passport goes to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a cost of just $13.61 and a mobility score of 162. Not only does an Emirati passport give its holder the greatest freedom (able to travel to 110 countries visa-free and a further 52 with a visa on arrival), but it’s also the cheapest passport to obtain.

The second-best value for money passport is Sweden, costing $42.31 and a mobility score of 159. Sweden is of course part of the European Union, as well as the Nordic Passport Union, and Swedish nationals can enter 115 countries visa-free (more than any other country) and a further 44 with a visa on arrival.

The world’s worst value for money passports

RankCountryMobility ScoreCostPassport value score /10
2San Marino142$108.291.92
0a 41

Liechtenstein ranks as the worst value for money passport in the world with a passport score of just 1.06. Although it has a relatively high mobility score of 152 the cost of the passport is much higher than other passports available at $263.42.

The US passport ranks 12th worst value for money, costing $160 to obtain but receiving a mobility score of 157. 

The research also reveals:

  • The world’s most expensive passport is found in France costing $305.61
  • The passport with the highest mobility score around the world is the United Arab Emirates with a score of 162.

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