Cassava Bags Market Outlook, Highlights Key Opportunities to 2031

Cassava Bags Market Overview

Cassava is a root vegetable and industrial crop common in Africa, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries. As the name suggests, it is a bag that creates an eco-friendly bag by combining pure vegetable ingredients extracted from cassava root with organic ingredients. Cassava bags are biodegradable and compostable bags that take almost a month to dissolve in sea and land.

However, it dissolves immediately in hot water. Humanity is constantly on the lookout for environmentally friendly, biodegradable and biocompostable bags that can take minimal time to melt, which led to the invention of the cassava bag on the market. Rising people’s concern for the environment is expected to increase the growth of the cassava bag market.

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Cassava Bags Market: Dynamics


Cassava bags are biodegradable, biocompostable, environmentally friendly and take 105 days to decompose on land and in cold water. The inventor claims that cassava can be dissolved in hot water in seconds and leaves no residue or traces of toxic elements. This cassava bag produces the low oxygen permeability you need to stay healthy and safe   .

Nature-friendly cassava bags are safe to consume by microorganisms that help maintain environmental circulation.  These are some of the key factors driving the cassava bag market, considering cassava bags as the industry’s general  packaging solution .


Cassava bags need the right weather to break down. These cassava bags are herbicide  and pesticide free and require proper disposal methods to be fully compostable. Moreover, the production of cassava bags has high capital costs and can sometimes generate methane from landfills, which can create difficulties for the future cassava bag market.


Enforcement of rules and regulations on the use of plastics by various government rules to stimulate growth of cassava bag market

Various legal measures against the distribution and use of  plastics are effective solutions to reduce the distribution of single-use plastics  . Non-degradable plastics are creating garbage fields in our oceans and on land, which are indirectly responsible for destroying the normal healthy environmental cycle that has made the world declare war on plastic use.

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This has resulted in the innovation of numerous alternatives to plastic bags . Scientists in Brazil have developed a biodegradable plastic resin made from cassava starch. This plastic resin can be used as a food packaging solution or other carrier bag by  applying ozone gas to the starch  . The food and beverage industry growing along with other segments is expected to create opportunities for cassava bags as packaging solutions during the forecast period.

Demand for Sustainable Beauty Products to Expand Production of Cassava Bags Market

In addition, people are constantly in search of eternal beauty and youth. However, as production rates increase, so does the damage to the waste left behind by these products. Therefore, beauty products damage natural resources in unimaginable ways. According to the report, the cosmetics sector produced 120 billion packaging units in 2019, which is a startling situation for the beauty industry, resulting in a demand for sustainable products. Recently, Garnier has taken plastic out of the brand as a packaging solution.

Loreal has partnered with EcoNest PH to create a honeycomb paper wrapper made from sustainable recycled materials. The never-ending enthusiasm and demand for beauty products is keeping the beauty industry one step ahead with increased production rates and accelerating the growth of cassava bags in the packaging industry.

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Cassava Bags Market: Regional Outlook

Asia Pacific region will dominate the rest of the cassava bag market as it has the most population. The most populous regions are expected to generate the highest rate of demand for outlet foods which will ultimately fuel the growth of the cassava bag market. North America and Europe are also expected to show good growth rates thanks to the booming food and beverage industry, with Brazil being the largest producer of cassava.

Middle East & Africa region is expected to witness good growth rate during the forecast period as the beauty industry is expanding its business in this region and the growing hospitality industry is responsible for the growth of the cassava bags market.

Cassava Bags Market: Key Players

  • No Plastic International Pty Ltd.
  • Envigreen Biotech India Private Ltd
  • Bio Green B Gas
  • Avani Echo
  • Affinity supply
  • Seinbaek
Cassava Bags Market: Segmentation

Global Cassava Bags are segmented by Type, Category and End Use.

By type:

  • grip hole bag
  • t-shirt bag
  • garbage bag

End-use criteria:

  • food and beverage
  • animal feed

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