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Cheers! Global cities with the most pubs and bars

Global cities with the most pubs and bars

Whether a traditional pub, a trendy cocktail bar or a late-night club, having somewhere to go for a drink and meet up with friends at the end – or even the middle – of the week is important for many of us.

But where in the world can claim to have the most places to enjoy a beer or two?

Travel experts have taken a look at the global cities that have the highest number of pubs, bars and clubs listed compared to their population.

The experts analyzed the number of bars and clubs listed for each global city, with reference to the city’s population, to determine the total number of bars and clubs per 100,000 people and reveal the cities with the most bars per people. 

The Global Cities with the Most Bars per People 

RankCity, Country Bars & Clubs Listed on TripadvisorPopulationBars & Clubs Listed per 100,000 People
1Prague, Czech Republic6311,318,08547.87
2Las Vegas, USA283675,59241.89
3Orlando, USA117292,05940.06
4Edinburgh, UK188548,20634.29
5San Francisco, USA239884,10827.03
6Amsterdam, Netherlands 2631,165,89822.56
7Kraków, Poland 168769,59521.83
8Dublin, Republic of Ireland 2511,255,96319.98
9Miami, USA89483,39518.41
10Tallinn, Estonia 76451,77616.82

Ranking in first place, with the most bars, is Prague, home to 47.97 bars per 100,000 people. The city is one of the highest beer consuming nations in the world, so perhaps it’s no surprise that it comes out on top. The city has more than 600 bars listed, particularly in the districts of Malá Strana, Staré Město, Žižkov and Nusle, making it the perfect destination for a holiday tipple. 

Las Vegas ranks in second place, with 41.89 bars listed for every 100,000 people. The bright lights of Las Vegas attract millions of tourists every year, with the nightlife being at the top of many visitors’ agendas. 

Another of America’s most popular tourist towns comes in third place. Orlando has just over 40 bars listed per 100,000 people. Despite being a hugely popular destination, with lots of things to do (and places to drink!), Orlando is actually relatively small compared to many other major US cities, with a population of around 300,000 people. 

4 US cities rank in the top 10, with San Francisco ranking 5th and Miami ranking 9th. 

Further Study Insights: 

The US state with the highest beer consumption is Wisconsin, with a 25.8% binge drinking prevalence. 

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