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Earthquake Rumbles Through Mindanao in the Philippines

image courtesy of e1650335944881

Some light sleepers in Manila were woken up by a 6.2 earthquake in Mindanao, and island within the Philippines.

The quake took place at 01:23:11 UTC on April 19, 2022.

The earthquake was shallow at 39 kilometers occurring mostly in the water at 7.115N 126.778E, mitigating the potential for damage.


•             28.5 km (17.7 mi) ESE of Manay, Philippines

•             56.1 km (34.8 mi) SSE of Baganga, Philippines

•             64.5 km (40.0 mi) ENE of Mati, Philippines

•             88.2 km (54.7 mi) ENE of Lupon, Philippines

•             128.8 km (79.9 mi) E of Davao, Philippines

There have been no reports of damages or harm to people.

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