Foreign Aviation Gains Popularity as the Summer and Autumn Flight Seasons Start.

Foreign Aviation Gains Popularity as the Summer and Autumn Flight Seasons Start.

As China enters the summer-autumn flight season, the Chinese aviation industry witnesses a notable surge in both domestic and international air travel.

Commencing this Sunday, the skies are set ablaze with activity, showcasing a robust growth trajectory in air transportation.

According to the latest data released by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), a total of 188 domestic and international airlines are geared up to operate a staggering 122,000 passenger and cargo flights weekly during this season.

This represents a significant uptick in air traffic compared to previous years.

Domestically, 51 airlines are slated to run 101,536 domestic flights per week, marking a 2.5 percent increase from last year and a substantial 38.29 percent surge from 2019 figures.

Meanwhile, the CAAC has greenlit 17,257 weekly passenger and cargo flights for 164 domestic and international carriers, connecting 70 countries worldwide. Notably, 51 Belt and Road partner countries are encompassed in this network.

In light of these developments, the CAAC has outlined strategic measures focusing on bolstering domestic operations while expanding global connectivity. These include initiatives to analyze market trends, enhance route optimization, and streamline flight services to improve passenger experience.

Internationally, the aviation sector is witnessing encouraging signs, with flights to Ireland resuming and new routes being introduced by domestic and foreign carriers.

Notable spikes in passenger traffic have been observed in neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Japan, Laos, and Russia.

Additionally, the recent announcement of increased passenger flights between China and the United States underscores a positive outlook for trans-Pacific travel.

The ripple effects of visa-free policies are also evident, with significant growth recorded in flights to various destinations including Hungary, Austria, Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

These developments contribute to the gradual recovery of China’s inbound and outbound tourism, with a notable surge in foreign trips recorded in the first two months of 2024.

Looking ahead, the CAAC remains committed to supporting national strategies and meeting passenger demands by facilitating increased capacity and the opening of new routes, particularly with countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative.

As the aviation sector takes flight into the summer-autumn season, China’s skies promise to remain vibrant and dynamic, reflecting the nation’s resilience and determination in navigating post-pandemic challenges.

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