Go and Journey World’s largest event in the nation’s travel and tourism industry is set to open its doors today.

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ITB Berlin 2024 the world’s leading B2B trade event, inaugurated on the 4th is set to open its doors, showcasing 1,000 exhibitors from 168 countries. Hosted by Oman, this significant gathering in the middle of the travel and tourism industry is anticipated to draw approximately 1,000 international exhibitors and over 160,000 professional visitors from around the globe. Attendees will include global hospitality industry leaders, think tanks, tourism decision-makers, airline and MICE planners, global destination management companies, airline industry, travel technology leaders, international travel influencers, and the leading providers of the world’s best travel technology services. This encompasses a broad spectrum of participants from B2B companies, the cruise industry, and travel technology providers. Amidst growing optimism, the event is poised to celebrate the global tourism industry’s return to pre-pandemic levels of activity. With anticipated growth in 2024, ITB Berlin this year is expected to herald a significant boom, surpassing pre-pandemic levels and marking a new era of expansion and prosperity in the tourism sector.

Scheduled for March 5-7, 2024, at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds, the ITB Berlin Convention 2024 is poised to host 24,000 participants across four stages, with 17 specialized tracks on subjects including travel tech, marketing strategies, eco-friendliness, and beyond. Its guiding principle, “Pioneer the Transition in Travel & Tourism. Together,” underscores a collective effort towards innovation. The event will also offer selected live-streamed sessions, with access provided through the trade show admission.

This pivotal gathering in the travel and tourism realm assembles experts worldwide to delve into prevailing trends, breakthroughs, and obstacles within the industry. Emphasizing eco-sustainability, digital transformation, and the travel industry’s future, the convention serves as a nexus for exchanging insights, fostering connections, and collaborative ventures among thought leaders. It presents an array of discussions, workshops, and panels that span the spectrum of the tourism sector, presenting an enriching experience for professional development.

Set to convene at Messe Berlin, Messedamm 22, in Berlin, Germany, from March 5-7, 2024, the ITB Berlin Convention 2024 stands as a cornerstone event for the global travel and tourism community, drawing approximately 1,000 exhibitors and over 160,000 industry attendees worldwide. The agenda includes a diverse lineup of talks, interactive sessions, and networking events, addressing themes such as adventure and responsible tourism, corporate and cultural travel, LGBTQ+ and luxury tourism, medical and technological advancements in travel, youth engagements, and budget-friendly accommodations.

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For ITB Berlin 2024 participants, Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) is the principal airport for the city. From there, Messe Berlin is accessible via public transportation such as the S-Bahn, regional trains, or buses, and taxis. Berlin’s extensive public transport system also facilitates easy movement within the city for visitors. Those arriving by train can find swift connections from BER Airport to the ITB Berlin Exhibition Grounds. It is advisable to purchase an ABC travel ticket for navigating Berlin and consider using micromobility options for short distances near key venues like ITB Berlin.

ITB Berlin 2023 Overview:From March 7th to March 9th, ITB Berlin 2023 captivated the international travel industry, drawing in more than 10,000 exhibitors and 160,000 attendees. The showcase provided a vast array of over 180 travel destinations, segmented into specific areas such as Adventure & responsible tourism, corporate travel, career opportunities, LGBT+ travel niches, high-end travel, health tourism, and youth excursions, among others. An integral feature was the ITB Buyers Circle, uniting 1,000 of the most influential buyers with substantial buying authority.

Key Moments from ITB Berlin 2023:

The convention commenced with an inaugural press conference, a gala, and a curated tour, establishing the event’s ambitious agenda.
A strategic aim to boost German tourism to the USA by 20% in 2023 was announced, emphasizing the expansion of direct flights and the promotion of the USA’s attractions at ITB Berlin 2023.
The inauguration of Global Tourism Resilience Day by the United Nations marked a commitment to fostering a sustainable and resilient travel sector, spotlighting its role in economic, social, and environmental progress.
The ITB Berlin Convention became a forum for debating industry challenges such as digital transformation, eco-sustainability, and talent gaps, alongside discussing evolving trends within tourism.
Georgian tourism professionals introduced adventure tourism opportunities within their region at ITB Berlin 2023, showcasing unique experiences like heliskiing and horseback riding.
A focus on wellness tourism was evident, with discussions highlighting how wellness initiatives are appealing to new demographics, illustrated by health tourism advancements from Romania, India, and Croatia.

These highlights from ITB Berlin 2023 illuminate the wide-ranging discussions and initiatives that characterized the event, shedding light on emerging directions and innovations within the global tourism and travel sector.

ITB Berlin 2024 Opening Highlights:

Photo Credit Messe Berlin GmbH

ITB Berlin 2024 is set to commence tomorrow at 10 a.m., welcoming attendees to its new location at the CityCube Berlin, Room A5. Tailored specifically for journalists and bloggers, this event marks the beginning of the premier travel trade show on the Berlin exhibition grounds. For individuals unable to join in person, the event will be accessible via a livestream on ITBxplore and the official ITB Berlin website (, ensuring widespread participation.

Katie Gallus will host the press conference, offering a sneak peek into the forthcoming attractions of ITB Berlin 2024, with insights from Dr. Mario Tobias, CEO of Messe Berlin. H.E. Azzan bin Qassim Al Busaidi, Undersecretary of Tourism for the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism of Oman, will share perspectives from the Host Country Oman. Charuta Fadnis, Phocuswright’s Senior Vice President of Research and Product Strategy, will discuss the ongoing developments in the global travel sector, the transformative role of AI, and the industry’s adaptive strategies amidst economic fluctuations, with a continued emphasis on sustainability and addressing traveler needs. “Challenging times – but the Germans’ passion for travel prevails,” presented by Norbert Fiebig, president of the German Travel Association (DRV), will examine current travel patterns and forecast the economic landscape for Germany’s travel industry in 2024. Additionally, attendees will be treated to a cultural showcase by four members of the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra, providing a musical foretaste of this year’s host country, accompanied by Omani coffee and dates, promising a delightful culinary experience.

ITB Berlin 2024 on March 5th will usher in an array of engaging activities and informative sessions for participants. The day is set to unfold with:

Inaugural Press Conference: Anticipate the event’s official opening with a press conference, offering a glimpse into the anticipated themes and focal points of ITB Berlin 2024.
Exploration of Exhibition Spaces: Attendees will have the opportunity to wander through the vast exhibition areas, engaging with global exhibitors and uncovering new trends and breakthroughs in the travel and tourism sector.
Specialized Sessions: The event will feature a series of specialized sessions on various subjects, including travel tech, marketing strategies, environmental stewardship, adventure and luxury tourism, providing deep dives and expert discussions for industry insiders.
Connection and Collaboration: The convention will serve as a prime venue for networking, allowing participants to connect with leading figures, influencers, and peers in the industry, fostering relationships and collaborative opportunities.
Curated Exhibition Tours: For those looking to maximize their visit, organized tours will be available, guiding attendees through the exhibition highlights and ensuring a thorough understanding of what ITB Berlin 2024 has to offer.
Essential Visitor Information: To enhance the attendee experience, vital tips and guidance will be accessible through the tourist information hub located at key transit points like the main railway station and airport, revealing the city’s lesser-known attractions.

The commencement of ITB Berlin 2024 is poised to offer a stimulating array of presentations, discussions, and networking chances, enriching participants with invaluable industry insights and opportunities.

ITB Berlin 2024 on March 6th will continue to captivate attendees with an array of sessions and activities. Highlights include:

Sector-Specific Discussions: The agenda includes focused discussions on key industry segments, such as adventure and sustainable travel, marketing strategies, high-end tourism, and beyond, offering deep insights and expertise to participants.
Extensive Networking: The day provides numerous chances for attendees to connect with leading experts, influencers, and industry peers, facilitating valuable partnerships and networking within the international travel sphere.
Organized Exhibition Tours: To ensure attendees can navigate the extensive exhibition space efficiently, guided tours will be available, offering a thorough insight into what ITB Berlin 2024 has on display.
Insightful Keynotes: Anticipate enlightening keynote addresses from distinguished personalities in the tourism and travel industry, sharing foresights and developments anticipated to shape the sector’s future.
Exhibition Exploration: The exhibition space remains open for exploration, allowing visitors to meet with global exhibitors and uncover cutting-edge trends and innovations in the travel industry.
Engaging Workshops and Panels: Participate in dynamic workshops, panel discussions, and sessions covering a broad spectrum of industry-relevant subjects, aimed at enhancing learning and professional growth.The second day at ITB Berlin 2024 is set to offer a rich mix of educational sessions, networking moments, and interactive opportunities, fostering an environment ripe for learning and industry collaboration.

ITB Berlin 2024 on March 6th, the momentum continues with a schedule packed with insightful activities and opportunities:

Diverse Thematic Insights: Attendees can dive into sessions across a spectrum of travel industry topics, offering thorough discussions on sustainability, technological advancements, marketing techniques, adventure tourism, and more, tailored for an in-depth understanding.
Opportunity for Connections: The day presents further opportunities to engage with professionals, industry leaders, and fellow attendees, aiming to bolster connections and foster collaborations across the global travel ecosystem.
Visionary Keynotes: Keynote presentations from eminent figures within the travel and tourism landscape will provide impactful insights and forward-looking perspectives on industry evolution and trends.
Interactive Learning: The agenda includes a variety of interactive workshops, discussions, and panels, focusing on current trends, challenges, and opportunities within the travel sector, designed for attendee engagement and educational benefit.
Continued Exhibition Discovery: Attendees are invited to continue exploring the exhibition space, showcasing the latest in travel products, services, and destinations from international exhibitors.
Concluding Celebrations: The final day may feature closing ceremonies, recognition awards, or special gatherings to commemorate the successful conclusion of ITB Berlin 2024, leaving lasting impressions and takeaways for participants.


Photo Credit Messe Berlin GmbH

ADVENTURE TRAVEL & SUSTAINABLE TOURISMThe allure of adventure and sports travel is on the rise, marking its territory as a dynamically expanding sector within the travel industry. ITB Berlin serves as a spotlight for unveiling new trends and exploring the dimensions of eco-friendly and ethically conscious tourism. The emphasis here is on journeys that offer immersive nature experiences and deep cultural interactions with the destination, all while contributing positively to environmental conservation and local community welfare. Consequently, the “Adventure Travel, Sustainable Tourism” segment has evolved into a global platform advocating for responsible travel practices.

CORPORATE TRAVELIn an era where swift adaptability to fluctuating economic and technological landscapes is crucial, travel and event coordinators seek effective solutions. The ITB Business Travel Forum addresses this need by providing up-to-date insights on methodologies, strategies, and actionable advice. Participants are equipped with knowledge that translates into tangible improvements in their professional routines. Explore the comprehensive agenda of the ITB Berlin Convention and discover valuable products and services at the ITB Business Travel Forum, designed to enhance your business travel management.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT HUBAt the heart of ITB Berlin is the Career Center, dedicated to fostering career opportunities within the travel industry. It’s a meeting ground for businesses to present themselves as potential employers and for educational institutions from around the globe to exhibit their academic offerings. This includes universities, applied sciences schools, vocational academies, research institutes, and other educational entities, complemented by a series of presentations focused on career development.

Education & NetworkingThis segment offers a wealth of information on educational and vocational training opportunities, facilitating valuable networking prospects. For exhibitors, it’s an opportunity to connect with future talent, enhance visibility amongst tourism professionals, and distinguish themselves in the competitive arena of international education and training.

CULTURAL TOURISMThe appeal of cultural richness is becoming a pivotal factor in vacation planning for an increasing number of travelers. Destinations worldwide are spotlighting their cultural attractions more than ever, leveraging their heritage and arts to draw tourists. Cultural tourism is instrumental in boosting visitor numbers, particularly during the shoulder seasons. At ITB Berlin, the spotlight on cultural tourism is anchored in the Culture Lounge, a collaboration with our partner projekt2508, highlighting the enduring relevance of cultural exploration in travel.

HOSPITALITY SECTOR EVOLUTIONThe hospitality industry is witnessing a transformation, with traditional definitions and structures being reshaped or replaced by the advent of digital platforms and social media influence. The concept of vacationing is evolving (“hiking boot meets 5-star hotel”), underscored by the digitization of distribution and communication channels. The forefront of innovation includes artificial intelligence, robotics, and personalized experiences. ITB Berlin serves as a comprehensive platform for the hospitality sector, offering extensive opportunities for networking, business engagement, and the exchange of knowledge under the themes of Content, Community, and Commerce.

ITB BOOK AWARDAnnually, the ITB Book Awards recognize excellence in travel and tourism literature or journalism across various vacation categories, from cultural journeys to adventure travel, and business trips to city explorations. These awards, particularly focused on Destination Awards for specific locales, aim to spotlight a broad spectrum of travel literature for discerning readers. The selection process, largely driven by the jury’s independent research, allows for multiple honorees in each category. While the ITB Book Awards carry no monetary prize, they are a prestigious acknowledgment within the industry, presented by Messe Berlin.

LGBTQ+ TOURISM INTEGRATIONSince the late ’90s, LGBTQ+ Tourism found its place within ITB Berlin, albeit in a dispersed manner. The segment was formally unified in 2010, reflecting ITB’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, which emphatically embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion. Known for its openness, creativity, and dynamic exchange, the LGBTQ+ Travel segment stands as one of the most inclusive areas of the expo, marking ITB Berlin as the host of the largest LGBTQ+ Tourism presence in any global tourism trade fair.

Photo Credit Messe Berlin GmbH

LUXURY TRAVEL – THE HOME OF LUXURYThe HOME OF LUXURY by ITB represents an exclusive platform for luxury travel, facilitating one-on-one business encounters in a uniquely intimate and engaging setting. Scheduled meetings, casual networking, panel discussions, media meet-ups, and social gatherings enhance the luxury travel experience. Within four distinct areas – The Garden, The Library, The Nest, and The Gallery – luxury service providers, including accommodations, transport services, and premium products, can select their ideal environment for personalized discussions.

HEALTH AND WELLNESS TOURISMThe Health and Wellness Tourism sector, focusing on travel for medical and health purposes, is a rapidly expanding market of global significance. Over recent years, it has solidified its position as a distinct niche within ITB Berlin, establishing itself as a premier destination for health-related travel. The dedicated Medical & Health Tourism Pavilion serves as a hub for medical facilities, hospitality providers, and destinations offering specialized health and wellness services in this burgeoning industry. It specifically welcomes medical purchasers and intermediaries to explore its offerings.

DIGITAL TRAVEL SOLUTIONSIn the realm of the travel industry, the adoption of cutting-edge technological solutions is crucial for the development of successful business strategies. Within ITB Berlin, the Travel Technology segment spans four exhibition halls, showcasing a range of digital tools including global distribution systems (GDS), tour operator databases, booking engines, travel agency management software, and pricing tools. TTA – The Marketplace for Technology, Tours & Activities, represents a dynamic convergence within the travel sector, promoting and selling local experiences and services. Dive into the third-largest segment of the travel market at TTA, benefiting from targeted networking opportunities, interactive workshops, and a dedicated showcase space for technology providers, tour operators, local destinations, and intermediaries.

YOUTH AND BUDGET TRAVELCharacterized by their adventurous spirit, eco-awareness, digital proficiency, and pursuit of meaningful experiences, today’s youth are eager explorers of the globe. They are traveling farther, staying longer, and investing more in their journeys, seeking authenticity and impact, as highlighted by the WYSE Travel Confederation’s New Horizons study. This only recurring global survey of youth and student travel patterns underscores the growing significance and distinctive preferences of this demographic in the travel sector.

The ITB Berlin Convention 2024 will unite a host of international specialists, rallying under the banner “Pioneer the Transition in Travel & Tourism. Together.” This event will feature four live stages hosting 17 thematic discussions throughout ITB Berlin, sparking dynamic exchanges on pivotal issues. Key topics like the progression of digital technologies and the expanding role of artificial intelligence in the industry will stimulate in-depth discussions. Access to the convention is included with trade visitor, exhibitor, and press admissions to ITB Berlin.

Insights into the Travel Industry’s Future:Glenn Fogel, CEO of Booking Holdings, will share his insights on the evolving landscape of travel and technology in a session titled “Leadership, Innovation, and the Future of Travel,” part of the Future Track. A standout session, “Engineering the Future: How GenAI and Microsoft Copilot are Reimagining Travel,” will feature Karim Bagga, Engineering Group Manager at Travel & AI Microsoft, exploring the advancements artificial intelligence brings to the sector. Furthermore, Stefan Ebener, Google’s Head of Customer Engineering, will delve into how generative AI is revolutionizing the digital realm in his talk, “How GenAI is Changing the Digital World – From Future Tech to Daily Business.” Additionally, Dave Stephenson, Chief Business Officer at Airbnb, will outline the company’s strategic vision in “How Airbnb is Unlocking New Opportunities for Growth.”

Photo Credit Messe Berlin GmbH

Sustainable Solutions in Focus:The Responsible Tourism Track on March 7 will spotlight the tourism industry’s role in promoting biodiversity and climate justice, featuring real-world examples of sustainable practices. Esteemed speakers, including Bruno Oberle (President of the World Resources Forum Association and former Director-General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature), Külli Kraner (Head of Tourism at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications), and Ingo Burmester (CEO of DER Touristik), will discuss initiatives such as “Pioneering the Transition towards Net Zero: Climate Footprints Unveiled,” aimed at fostering greater climate justice.

“Beauty Has An Address” Unveiled at ITB Berlin OpeningThe ITB Berlin 2024 will be inaugurated under the captivating theme, “Beauty Has An Address,” showcased by H.E. Salim bin Mohammed Al Mahrouqi, the Sultanate of Oman’s Minister of Heritage and Tourism. This grand event is set to unfold at the CityCube Berlin on March 4, 2024, at 6 p.m., marking the commencement of the esteemed trade show. The opening ceremony will offer a mesmerizing glimpse into Oman’s rich cultural tapestry and diverse landscapes, as it takes center stage in the southeast Arabian Peninsula. An exclusive audience of 3,000, including distinguished figures from politics and the tourism sector, is expected to partake in this vibrant presentation.

Welcoming the Sultanate as this year’s honored guest, political dignitaries including Kai Wegner, Berlin’s Governing Mayor, and Dieter Janecek, Federal Government’s Coordinator for Maritime Economy and Tourism, will address the attendees. The travel and tourism industry’s voice will be echoed by Julia Simpson, President and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), alongside Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism), with Dr. Mario Tobias, CEO of Messe Berlin, representing the hosting event.

The ceremony will be further enriched by performances from Omani singers and folk groups, harmoniously accompanied by the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra. This ensemble will blend traditional Omani customs and melodies with global musical compositions, showcasing a unique cultural fusion. Remarkably, this occasion marks the orchestra’s first visit to Germany in 17 years, highlighting its distinct position as one of the Arab World’s few western-oriented symphony orchestras, with a membership exclusively comprising Omani nationals.

2023 Global Travel and Tourism Insights from IPKIPK’s World Travel Monitor® reports a remarkable rebound in Asian outbound travel in 2023, with an increase exceeding 140% from the previous year, driving global growth. Despite being 37% below pre-pandemic levels of 2019, this upsurge indicates a significant recovery trend. In comparison to 2022, Europe saw an 18% rise in outbound travel, North America 31%, and Latin America 27%. The United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom emerged as the leading contributors to global outbound travel, accounting for a third of the total volume.

The year 2023 witnessed substantial year-on-year growth in outbound travel, approaching the pre-pandemic travel volume of 2019 with a 33% increase from 2022, just 12% shy of pre-COVID figures. Notably, Asia’s outbound travel resurgence and the overall boost in vacation travel have underscored the enduring appeal of international travel, despite escalating costs. Travel satisfaction has increasingly become a pivotal consideration for travelers.

Photo Credit Messe Berlin GmbH

Spotlight on 2023’s Top Destinations and Travel TrendsSpain reclaimed its status as the most-visited country globally, with nearly 10% of international travel, closely followed by the USA. According to IPK’s Destination Performance Index (DPI), Dubai was rated the top destination for 2023, based on travel satisfaction and the likelihood of recommendations and return visits. Following Dubai in the rankings were the Maldives, South Africa, Abu Dhabi, Austria, and Switzerland, the latter two being the top-rated European destinations.

Vacation travel saw an uptick in 2023, with three-quarters of all global outbound trips categorized as leisure vacations. Sun and beach holidays, along with city breaks, dominated the vacation segment, each claiming about a third of the market, closely followed by round trips. This distribution suggests that the pandemic has had minimal long-term impact on vacation preferences, with relaxation, sightseeing, cuisine, and shopping being the main motivators.

Travel Logistics and Expenses in 2023Air travel accounted for over 60% of outbound journeys, solidifying its status as the preferred mode of international transport. Interestingly, public transport was the predominant choice for mobility at destinations, with rental cars being used by one-fifth of travelers.

A notable surge in travel costs was observed in 2023, particularly for airfare, while the average duration of stay remained steady at about nine nights. When assessing trip experiences, “value for money” emerged as a crucial factor from both positive and negative perspectives, alongside accommodation quality, dining options, and natural scenery.

Anticipated Recovery by End of 2024While some travel destinations and markets have rebounded to 2019 levels, others are still catching up. The phenomenon of overtourism reemerged in 2023, with a third of travelers reporting overcrowded destinations. However, the outlook for global outbound travel over the next 12 months remains optimistic, projecting a near-complete recovery across most markets and segments by the end of 2024.

The ITB Berlin Convention 2024, scheduled for March 5-7, offers deeper industry insights. As the premier forum for future tourism trends, it features 17 thematic tracks and four stages, with eminent speakers from organizations like Booking, TUI, Google, and others, providing practical forecasts and analyses for the evolving landscape of global tourism.

Global LGBTQ+ Tourism Industry’s Premier Gathering at ITB BerlinThe LGBTQ+ Tourism Pavilion stands out as a key hub for the global LGBTQ+ travel community, boasting the most extensive array of LGBTQ+ tourism offerings found at any trade show. From March 5 to 7, in Hall 4.1, LGBTQ+ tourism professionals and enthusiasts will convene for exclusive insider gatherings, media events, and presentations. The Pavilion’s own stage, along with the ITB Berlin Convention, will host a series of keynote addresses, expert interviews, and panel discussions. Making its debut this year in Hall 4.1 is the TOMONTOUR Podcast Lounge, featuring during-event podcast recordings with tourism specialists and accommodation managers, sharing insights and stories from the tourism industry. These episodes will later be accessible on popular streaming platforms.

Esteemed organizations like München Tourismus, the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA), GNetwork Buenos Aires, and TOMONTOUR will showcase a diverse range of LGBTQ+ tourism products. Notably, Choose Chicago and the LGBTQ+ Wedding Conference are participating for the first time. The segment’s official partners this year include Turisme Comunitat Valenciana, featuring Benidorm and Valencia — the latter being the proud host of the Gay Games 2026 — and Vacaya, a renowned US-based cruise and LGBTQ+ resort operator.

Emphasizing Sustainability and AI in TravelThe opening press briefing, led by Katie Gallus, will highlight ITB Berlin 2024’s key attractions, as introduced by Dr. Mario Tobias, CEO of Messe Berlin. H.E. Azzan bin Qassim Al Busaidi, Undersecretary for Tourism of Oman, will provide insights into Oman, the Host Country. Charuta Fadnis, Phocuswright’s SVP of Research and Product Strategy, will discuss the ongoing growth in the travel sector amidst economic hurdles, the transformative impact of AI, and the industry’s adaptation to it. The emphasis will be on achieving sustainability while considering travelers’ needs. Norbert Fiebig, president of the German Travel Association (DRV), will explore the latest trends and economic outlook for Germany’s travel industry in 2024. The Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra will deliver musical performances, and attendees will enjoy Omani coffee and dates.

Photo Credit Messe Berlin GmbH

Driving Forward Sustainable TourismLocated in Hall 4.1, the Responsible Tourism segment has become a vital international platform for sustainable tourism discussions. Participants include Atmosfair, My Climate, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), Forum Anders Reisen, and Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung, with co-exhibitors like Futouris and Fernweh Fair Travel. The newly introduced ITB Sustainability Lounge by Mascontour will serve as a gathering point for discussions on sustainability trends, concepts, and solutions.

The ITB Lighthouse Stage in Hall 4.1 will host the 19th Green Business Forum for Tourism Professionals on March 5 at 2 p.m., featuring exhibitors and global experts from various tourism sectors, businesses, and academia to debate sustainable tourism practices.

The ITB Berlin Convention 2024 will spotlight scientific, technological, and policy insights on fostering social equality and ecological responsibility in tourism. The Diversity & Inclusion Track, Responsible Tourism Track, and Destination Track will feature sessions with distinguished speakers from the likes of Hyatt, Microsoft, and Forbes Travel Guide, along with NGOs such as Brot für die Welt, discussing industry challenges, innovations, and success stories in making travel more diverse, inclusive, and sustainable.

Celebrating Sustainability and Social Responsibility at ITB Berlin 2024On the evening of Wednesday, 6 March, at 6 p.m. on the eTravel Stage (Hall 6.1), the Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung will honor exceptional sustainable tourism initiatives with the prestigious TO DO Award. This ceremony will also feature the TO DO Human Rights in Tourism Award for the fourth time, recognizing efforts that significantly contribute to human rights throughout the tourism sector.

Since its inception in 2014, ITB Berlin has been the platform for the Green Destination Group to acknowledge outstanding sustainable tourism stories through the Green Destinations Story Awards. This year, on 6 March at 6 p.m. on the Blue Stage (Hall 7.1b), the awards will spotlight groundbreaking initiatives across six categories from the Green Destinations Top 100 Stories. Each category will unveil three top finalists, with two additional accolades: the ITB Earth Award, celebrating destinations leading in climate action and sustainability, and the People’s Choice Award, determined by audience votes for their favorite destination.

Championing Social Responsibility in Tourism:The afternoon of 6 March on the Hybrid Stage (Hall 5.3) will see the Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism competition, a joint effort by ITB Berlin, focusing on businesses that embody social responsibility in tourism.

Following this, the Celebrating Her Award, now in its seventh iteration, will be presented on the Hybrid Stage. This award, a collaboration between ITB Berlin and the International Institute for Peace in Tourism (IIPT), is dedicated to women who have made significant contributions to the tourism industry. Subsequently, the Gender Equality Champion of the Year Award will recognize tourism organizations that excel in promoting gender equality. This award is an initiative of Equality in Tourism, in cooperation with ITB Berlin and the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

Commemorating International Women’s Day on 7 March, ITB Berlin has scheduled several events focusing on gender equality. At the ITB Berlin Convention, the Future Work Track on the Green Stage (Hall 3.1) will host a session titled “Gender Equality: Shaping a Gender-Equal Work Environment?” Experts will discuss strategies for improving women’s career opportunities in the tourism sector, among other pertinent topics.

ITBxplore: A Digital Hub for Networking ExcellenceITBxplore offers a cutting-edge digital platform for networking and discovery, aimed at enhancing the ITB Berlin experience. Prior to the event, users can delve into the exhibitor database, organize their schedule for the ITB Berlin Convention, and arrange meetings. Access to ITBxplore is granted upon purchasing an ITB Berlin ticket or receiving accreditation, allowing users to set up a complimentary personal profile to unlock all platform functionalities.

Networking takes center stage on ITBxplore, enabling users to showcase their profiles, connect with exhibitors, and communicate with fellow participants via online messaging. Members of the Buyers Circle, ITB Berlin’s elite group of senior buyers, are distinctly labeled on ITBxplore for easy identification.

The platform offers detailed exhibitor lists and product highlights, presenting a global overview of markets and innovations at ITB Berlin 2024. A user-friendly hall plan aids in efficient visit planning, pinpointing exhibitor booth locations. This year introduces new features, including an enhanced diary management tool in the Communication Center, expanded diary capabilities with Outlook integration, and streamlined meeting scheduling. Profile customization is simplified, with the system recommending business contacts based on individual interests.

ITB App: Your Essential Trade Show NavigatorThe ITB app serves as a comprehensive mobile guide, offering everything from exhibitor directories to floor plans, facilitating effective networking.

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Embracing Innovation in Travel TechnologyThe travel industry, driven by constant change and innovation, sees the Travel Technology segment shining once again at ITB Berlin 2024, from 5 to 7 March. Spread across five halls (5.1, 6.1, 7.1c, 8.1, and Hall 10.1), over 30 international vendors will showcase their latest advancements and concepts. The exhibitor range includes industry giants and emerging startups, covering the full tech spectrum. Notables like Amadeus, Sabre, Bewotec, ICEX España, Business Iceland, and Business France will be present. Collaborative efforts with GIATA, the Travel Tech Café, and Travelport in Hall 5.1, along with the Travel Lounge in Hall 6.1, provide networking opportunities for tech aficionados.

The eTravel Stage in Hall 6.1 hosts a broad program, introducing new AI and Digital Destination tracks and expanding audience capacity, rounding out the event’s offerings.

March 5: Line-Up


Opening and Welcome to ITB Convention

Katie Gallus,, Moderatorin

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dieter Quack, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Professor for Destination Management

Deborah Rothe, ITB Berlin, Director

David Ruetz, Messe Berlin, Senior Vice President

Opening World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF)

Esencan Terzibasoglu, World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), Special Adviser to Secretary General

The State of the Travel Industry

 Charuta Fadnis, Phocuswright, Senior Vice President Research

Leadership, Innovation and the Future of Travel: A Fireside Chat with Glenn Fogel

Charuta Fadnis, Phocuswright, Senior Vice President Research

Glenn Fogel, Booking Holdings, Chief Executive Officer and President

Let‘s Get Real: What a Course-correct for Net Zero Looks Like, and how to Make It Happen Jeremy Sampson, The Travel Foundation, CEO

Global Roundtable: How to Become Pioneers in Transition

Marianna Evenstein, Marianna Evenstein

Dr. Misa Labarile, European Commission, Policy Officer, Tourism

Jeremy Sampson, The Travel Foundation, CEO

Julia Simpson, WTTC, CEO & President

Zoritsa Urosevic, UN Tourism, Executive Director

Nikolina Brnjac, Republic of Croatia, Minister of Tourism and Sport

 Salim M. Almahruqi, Minister of Heritage and Tourism, Sultanate of Oman

 Google: How GenAI Is Changing the Digital World – From Future Tech to Daily Business

 Dr. Stefan Ebener, Google, Head of Customer Engineering

GenAI and now? How to Stay Dynamic and Relevant in Traveltech

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Garry Wiseman, Sabre, EVP & Chief Product Officer

How Airbnb Is Unlocking New Opportunities for Growth

Linda Fox, Phocuswire, Senior Reporter

Dave Stephenson, Airbnb, Chief Business Officer

The Future of Mobility – or every Journey starts with a single Step

Marianna Evenstein

Heinrich Strößenreuther, Agentur für clevere Städte, Geschäftsführer

Jennifer Reinz-Zettler, Bayern Innovativ, Head of Mobility

Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Wolfgang Inninger, Fraunhofer IML, Head of Project centre traffic, mobility and environment

Dr. Dieter Nirschl, ADAC e.V., Member of the Executive Board

Welcome address from the Chinese Embassy

Wang Shutao, Chinese Embassy, Embassy Councilor

Beijing Inbound Tourism

Cui Hua, Beijing Municipal Tourism and Culture Bureau, Associate Consultant

Quantifying Tourism in City Destinations: Towards a Better Understanding of Urban Tourism. Joint research by UN Tourism and WTCF

Lorena Villar, UNWTO, Senior Project Specialist, Tourism Market Intelligence & Competitiveness

New Development Trends in China‘s Tourism Market

Richard Matuzevich, World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF), Senior Manager

Ralf Ostendorf, Visit Berlin, Director Market Management

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute & Meaningful Tourism Center, CEO

Philip Dickinson, Visit Qatar, Leading International Markets & MICE

Alan Song, CYTS International Travel Co., LTD, International Department, Deputy General Manager

Pioneer the Transition in Tourism & Travel: A Wrap-Up Together

Katie Gallus,, Moderatorin

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner, Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Holder of the Chair of Tourism and Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship

Blue Stage Hall 7.1b

Opening and Greeting of the Tour Operator & Travel Sales Track and Carrier & Cruise Track

Dr. Markus Heller, Dr. Fried & Partner GmbH, Managing Partner

Future-Oriented Business Models for Tour Operators: Navigating Through Market Changes in the Context of Price and Demand Shifts

Dr. Markus Heller, Dr. Fried & Partner GmbH, Managing Partner

Roland Gassner, Director Business Development, Travel Data + Analytics

Karl Markgraf, CEO, FTI GROUP

Sabine Jordan-Glaab, CEO, vtours GmbH

Francis Torrilla, CEO, DER Touristik UK

Paul Bixby, Strategy and Sourcing Director, easyjet-holidays

 Distribution Platforms Meet Customer Expectations: One-Stop Shopping vs. Customized Travel Arrangements

Dr. Markus Heller, Dr. Fried & Partner GmbH, Managing Partner

Stefan Baumert, TUI Deutschland, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung

Mark Tantz, DER Touristik Central Europe GmbH, COO

Jean-Philippe Monod, Expedia Group, SVP of Government & Corporate Affairs

Nadine Stachel, Regional Manager DACH, booking. com

Brancheninitiative Nachhaltigkeit im Vertrieb – Erkenntnisse und Potentiale (in German only)

Dr. Markus Heller, Dr. Fried & Partner GmbH, Managing Partner

Tim Fischbach, Lufthansa Group, Senior Director & Head of Touristic Sales Home Markets

Alexander Ewig, AIDA Cruises, SVP Marketing & Sales

Carmen Dücker, BWH Hotels Central Europe GmbH, CEO

Wege der Deutschen Bundesregierung für einen Nachhaltigen Tourismus in Deutschland und der Welt – Interview mit Dieter Janecek, Koordinator der Bundesregierung für Maritime Wirtschaft und Tourismus (in German only)

Dr. Markus Heller, Dr. Fried & Partner GmbH, Managing Partner

Dieter Janecek, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz, Koordinator der Bundesregierung für die Maritime Wirtschaft und Tourismus

The Role of Carriers and Destinations in the Context of Balancing Volume and Sustainability

Dr. Markus Heller, Dr. Fried & Partner GmbH, Managing Partner

Sébastien Portes, Club Méditerranée Deutschland GmbH, VP Central Western Europe

Susanna Sciacovelli, Fundació Mallorca Turisme, Deputy Managing Director

Kevin Bubolz, Norwegian Cruise Line, Vice President & Managing Director Continental Europe, Middle East & Africa

Fabian Charbonnier, St. Martin Tourist Office, Promotional Officer – European Market

How Airline Technology Shapes the Future of Travel Distribution Driven by NDC & ONE Order

 Dr. Markus Heller, Dr. Fried & Partner GmbH, Managing Partner

Heinrich Lange, Lufthansa Group, Vice President Digital Retailing

Chris Ramm, Travelport, Vice President Global Enterprise Airline Partners

Charles Tandonnet, Travelsoft, VP Growth Program

Nadia Azale, AirFrance-KLM Group, NDC Change Management Director

Mastering Transformation within the New EU Border Control Landscape (ETIAS & EES)

Hanna Kleber, KLEBER GROUP / Corps Touristique, CEO / President

Alexandre Costa Goncalves, Frontex S Thorsten Schmidt-Look, Bundespolizeipräsidium, Projektgruppe Smart Borders BPOL

Dr. Ira Fernández-Lázaro, Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH, Senior Executive Strategic Planning & Passenger Experience Aviation Management

 Marie-Caroline Laurent, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), Director General, Europe

Mathias Jakobi, Area Manager Central Europe, International Air Transport Association (IATA)

Increasing Bookings, New Routes, More Ships – Cruise Shipping at the Crossroads between Industry Boom and Climate Neutrality

Georg Ehrmann, von Beust & Coll. Beratungsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, Geschäftsführer

Marie-Caroline Laurent, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), Director General, Europe

Michele Francioni, MSC Cruises SA, Chief Energy Transition Officer

Daniel Skjeldam, HX (Hurtigruten Expeditions) & Hurtigruten Group, CEO

Malte A. Siegert, Naturschutzbund Deutschland (NABU), Vorsitzender


Hall 3.1

Tomorrow‘s World – Global Forces, Technology Developments and Ideas Shaping the Future and the Implications for Tourism

 Charlotte Lamp Davies, A Bright Approach, Founder & Managing Director

Rohit Talwar, Fast Future, Global Tourism and Aviation Futurist and CEO

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Travel: Rebuilding After Crisis and Beyond

Charlotte Lamp Davies, A Bright Approach, Founder & Managing Director

Julie Shainock, Microsoft, Managing Director Travel, Transport & Logistics (TTL)

Stuart W. Greif, Forbes Travel Guide, Chief Strategy, Innovation & Operating Officer

Monique Dekker, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Senior Vice President Human Resources EAME

Civic Space Under Siege – The Future of Tourism as a Freedom Economy

 Antje Monshausen, Brot fuer die Welt, Head of Economic Development and Sustainability Unit

Resilience in LGBTQ+ Tourism – Changing Challenges in Changing Times

Rika Jean-Francois, ITB Berlin, Commissioner of Corporate Social Responsibility

Thomas Bömkes, Diversity Tourism GmbH, Munich, LGBTQ+ Tourism Advisor ITB Berlin

Michael Kajubi, McBern Foundation,, Executive Director

Aisha Shaibu-Lenoir, Moonlightexperiences, Founder & Director

Marcel Conrad, A3M Global Monitoring GmbH, Chief Content Manager

DT Minnich, CEO, Experience Kissimmee

 From Diversity to Inclusion – Integrating Marginalised Groups in Tourism Products

Katharina Stechl, Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism, Programme Manager

Jara Schreiber, Roundtable Human Rights in Tourism, Coordinator

Jeny Pokharel, SASANE Sisterhood Trekking & Travel, Nepal, Founder and CEO

Michelle Mason, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, Ethical Recruitment Manager

Neha Arora, Planet Abled, Founder

The Engagement Equation

David Eickelberg, Touchdown! Event Solutions, Owner

Cory Elford, Meeting Professionals International (MPI), Director of Marketing

 Is that Already Sustainable or Can It Go? CSRD within the MICE Industry Marko Roscher, Bundesvereinigung Veranstaltungswirtschaft e.V., Referent Nachhaltigkeit

How to Acquire Big Events – Insights into the Strategies of Destination Management Organizations

Frank Grafenstein, team neusta | neusta Grafenstein GmbH, Managing Director

David Boyce, Tourism Ireland, Head Emerging Markets & Business Tourism

Marco Oelschlegel, visitBerlin, Director Conventions bei visitBerlin – Berlin Convention Office

AI in Business Events – Presentation of the Results of the AI Study by the GCB

Matthias Schultze, GCB German Convention Bureau e.V., Managing Director

Technology Trends Shaping the MICE Industry

David Eickelberg, Touchdown! Event Solutions, Owner

Gerhard Wasem, Duetto (Micerate), Director Product Mangement

Ralph van Hooijdonk, Venuesuite, Founder & CEO

Sabine Reise, Prismm, Managing Director EMEA

Best Practice – der Deutsche Pavillon bei der EXPO 2025 in Osaka (in German only)

Markus Illing, Voss + Fischer GmbH, CEO

Dr. Wiebke Hahn, facts & fiction GmbH, Concept Designer


Hall 6.1

Opening and Welcome ITB eTravel Track

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Travel Sector Shifts in the Age of AI

 Nina Lind, McKinsey & Company, Partner

How Will Tech Shape the Future of Travel?

Paula Felstead, HBX Group, Chief Technology & Operations Officer

Beyond the Buzz – What are the Key Technology Trends Shaping Travel

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Mirja Sickel, Amadeus, VP Hospitality Distribution

Andy Washington, Group, General Manager – EMEA

Deepika Gupta, Sunweb Group, Chief Technology Officer

Unlocking Sustainability with Travel Tech, powered by Global Travel Tech

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Emmanuel Mounier, Global Travel Tech, Secretary General

Kirsty Webster, Skyscanner, Industry and Partner Sustainability Lead

Lucas Bobes, Amadeus, Group Environmental Officer

Aditi Mohapatra, Expedia Group, Vice President, Global Social Impact and Sustainability

Danielle D‘Silva,, Head of Sustainability

 Technology Trends Shaping the Alternative Accommodations Sector

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Merilee Karr, UnderTheDoormat Group, Founder & CEO

Inga Flicker, HomeToGo, Director Small Partner Solutions

James Cassidy, Vrbo, part of Expedia Group, Sr. Director, Partner Success

Reimagining Travel with User-Centric Identity Infrastructure

Vikas Bhola, Neoke, Co-Founder & CEO

Navigating Tomorrow: Blockchain‘s Influence on Travel – Lessons from Camino Network Ecosystem

Anke Hsu, Chain4Travel, VP Business Development

Navigating the Web3 Dilemma: Selecting the Optimal Blockchain for Your Travel App

Luca De Giglio, TripsCommunity | Web3 in Travel Podcast | Web3 in Travel Conference | Web3 Travel Alliance, Founder

 Michele Ruberl, Peakwork, Director Blockchain & Web3 Solutions


Hall 6.1

Hotel Technology Trends (or Hypes?) –Cutting the Noise

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of theBoard of Experts

Matthijs Welle, CEO, Mews

Frank Seedorff, B&B HOTELS GERMANY GmbH,Chief Digital Officer Central & Northern Europe

WietseBijzeit, Shiji, Vice President, Global SolutionsArchitect

Lucas Hoefer, Ruby, Group Director Systems &Innovation Management

Lucile Cornet, Eight Roads, Partner

Unlocking the True Value of Your Guests,powered by Revinate

Dylan Cole, Revinate, Managing Director of Sales,EMEA

Darya Subotka, Revinate, Director, CustomerSuccess, EMEA

Strategic Insights: A Hotelier‘s Perspectiveon Reshaping Commercial Success

Klaus Kohlmayr, IDeaS, Chief Evangelist &Development Officer

Jörg Thomas Böckeler, Dorint Hotels &Resorts,Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

ChatGPT and Your Property ManagementSystem (PMS) Migration

Linda Vallner, dailypoint, COO

How AI Turns up the Volume on GuestFeedback

Steffen Schmickler, Customer Alliance, CEO

[Launch] State of Distribution Report – AGlobal Outlook on Distribution Trends and Practices

April Key, IHG Hotels & Resorts & HEDNA BoardMember, Director Distribution Products – GlobalConnectivity

Fritz Muller, RateGain, Vice President – Revenue

AI and Sustainable Tourism –A Dynamic Approach, powered by Weeva

James Lever, Weeva, Chief Technology Officer

How To Win The Next Hotel Consumer?Executive Interview with Robinson Hotels and Kantar/Google Hotel Research

David Pavelko, Google, Global Travel BusinessDevelopment & Strategy

Stefan Trienen, Google, Market Insights Lead -Google Travel

Thomas Meyer, Robinson Club GmbH, ManagingDirector

Google Masterclass: Why Price ConsistencyMatters

Sanjay Vakil, Google, Group Product Manager -Google Travel


Hall 7.1a

Opening & Welcome ITB Marketing & Distribution Track

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Katie Gallus,, Moderatorin

Opening Keynote – Navigating the World of Marketing in 2024

Arjan Dijk,, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

ITB C-Level Interview –

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Arjan Dijk,, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

ITB C-Level Interview – Accor Group

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Sophie Hulgard, Accor Group, Chief Sales Officer

ITB Industry Leader Interview – Airbnb: Uniting Society Through the Power of Travel

Kathrin Anselm, Airbnb, General Manager, DACH,CEE& CIS

Marketing powered by AI – How Artificial Intelligence is enhancing Marketing Results and


Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Henrike Lewerenz, Google, Industry Leader TravelTanguy Cartuyvels, Lufthansa Group, VP Global


Dikdyuti Sen, Flix, Director – Global Performance Marketing & Media

Simon Matthews, HomeToGo, TDO Director (HomeToGo Group Technology, Data, & Operational

Support Systems)

TikTok Takes Me There: A Journey ThroughThe New Frontier Of Travel Search And Discovery

Stuart Flint, TikTok, Vice President Global BusinessSolutions for Europe

Google‘s Free Travel Products and DMA: What‘s Changing in Europe

James Byers, Google, Group Product Manager, Search


Hall 7.1 a

Meeting the Needs of the ParadoxicalConsumer

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of theBoard of Experts

Chinmai Sharma, Sabre Travel Solutions, Senior VicePresident and Global Head – Lodging, Ground & Sea

Boon Sian Chai, Group, Managing Directorand Vice President, International Markets

Ben Thomas, Penta Hotels, Chief Operating &Commercial Officer

Amidst Chaos: The ‚O‘ Stands forOpportunity in Digital Marketing

Bhanu Chopra, RateGain, Founder and ManagingDirector

Unlocking the Next Frontier: UnderstandingWeb3‘s Potential for the Travel Industry

Cynthia Huang, Dtravel, Co-Founder & CEO

Web3, AI, and the Evolution of Travel – AnInnovation Junction?

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of theBoard of Experts

Cynthia Huang, Dtravel, CoFounder& CEO

Beat Blaser, Falkensteiner Ventures |,Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Prof. Dr. Horst Treiblmaier, Modul University Vienna,Full Professor for International Management

ITB Travel Technology Startup Scene –Panel

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of theBoard of Experts

Suzanna Chiu, Amadeus Ventures, Head ofAmadeus Ventures

Bastian Böckenhüser, Travelcircus, Founder & CEO

Rolf Schrömgens, l trivago, Founder

ITB Travel Technology Startup Pitches –Where‘s the Innovation at?

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of theBoard of Experts

Sam Simmons, MintPass, Founder & CEO

Darja Gogunova, Denizen, Co-Founder & CPO

Michael Ros,, Co-Founder & CEO

Janani Prabhakaran, Unbaggaged, Founder

Suzanna Chiu, Amadeus Ventures, Head ofAmadeus Ventures

Bastian Böckenhüser, Travelcircus, Founder & CEO

Rolf Schrömgens,, Founder

Wrap Up & Closing – ITB Marketing &Distribution Track

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of theBoard of Experts

Katie Gallus,, Moderatorin


Hall 7.1 b

Opening of the Destination Track

Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner, Catholic UniversityEichstaett-Ingolstadt, Holder of the Chair of Tourismand Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship

Re-Defining Visitor Experience: It is allabout Authenticity

Dr. Hamed Almuhrzi, Oman Tourism College, Dean

Dr.Hashil Obaid Al Mahrouqi, Oman TourismDevelopment Company (OMRAN Group), ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO)

Ines Batz, DER Touristik, Director for Africa & MiddleEast

Haitham Al Ghassani, Ministry of Heritage andTourism Oman, Director General of TourismPromotion

Wisal Al Rashdi, HUN‘na, Partner

What are Destinations of the Future?

Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner, Catholic UniversityEichstaett-Ingolstadt, Holder of the Chair of Tourismand Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship

Gilabert Jorge, Deloitte, Partner

Guillermo Albizuri, Google, Managing Director Spain

Chi Chuan Poh, Singapore Tourism Board, ExecutiveDirector, Exhibitions & Conferences

How Data Spaces and DecentralizedNetworks Can Become a Foundation for Green Travel

Günther Tschabuschnig, Data Intelligence OffensiveAustria, President

Smart Cities, Smarter Tourism – ShapingDestinations with Technology

Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner, Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Holder of the Chair of Tourism andHead of the Center for Entrepreneurship

Marc Hodapp, Urbanistic, CEO

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Borkmann, Fraunhofer IAO & SRHBerlin University of Applied Sciences, Research LeadFutureHotel Innovation Network & Professor forTourism and Hotel Management

Barry Rogers, Dublin City Council, Head of DublinCity Tourism Unit

Quo vadis, Rural Destinations?

Prof. Dr. Harald Pechlaner, Catholic UniversityEichstaett-Ingolstadt, Holder of the Chair of Tourismand Head of the Center for Entrepreneurship

Maria Luisa Scorza, Comune di Grosseto, CommunicationManager Tourism Office Municipality ofGrosseto

Mag. Susanne Kraus-Winkler, Bundesministeriumfür Arbeit und Wirtschaft, Staatssekretärin fürTourismus/Secretary of State for Tourism

Mirela Kumbaro, Council of Ministers (Albania),Minister of Tourism and Environment

Dr. Jens Thraenhart, Chameleon Strategies,Founding Partner & CEO



Hall 7.1 b

Tourism Impact for Good – Creating a Science Based Climate Economy for Tourism

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

ZoritsaUrosevic, UN Tourism, Executive Director

Reconciling Safety and Sustainability: The Need to Understand Risk

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Rajan Datar, BBC, Broadcaster and Journalist, Host BBC Travel Show

Alastair Crossley, AXA Partners, Global Head of Travel Solutions

Quim Martinez Bosch, Mastercard, Vice President, Tourism Innovation Hub

Dr. Said Al Mashrafi, Sultanate of Oman, Assistant Director General for Projects and Tourism Product Development, Ministry of Heritage and Tourism

Jane Thompson, ICF, Director – Aviation, Travel and Tourism

René de Monchy, Tourism New Zealand, Chief Executive

No Risk, No Trouble – Lessons Learnt on Resilience and Crisis-Proofing European Destinations

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Eng. Matthias Beyer, mascontour GmbH, Managing Director

Marlène Bartes, European Commission, Policy Officer, Tourism

Luis Fernandes Silva, Deloitte, Senior Consultant

Anette Seidel, mascontour, Senior Consultant

Dr. Ana Tripkovic Markovic, National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro, Director

Barbara Weizsaecker, EEIA – European Exhibition Industry Alliance, Secretary General

Kristina Kette, Croatian National Tourist Board, Head of International Cooperation Department

Investment in Africa Benefits Tourism Development: How Can Africa Sustainably Grow?

Dr. Holger Bingmann, ReThinking Africa Foundation GmbH, CEO

Hanna Kleber, Corps Touristique and Kleber Group, President

Hon. Louis Steven Obeegadoo, Republic of Mauritius, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Housing and Land Use Planning, Minister of Tourism

H.E. Fekadu Beyene Ayana, Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ambassador

Hon. John LekakenyOloltuaa, Republic of Kenya, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage

Hon. B. Rwodzi, Republic of Zimbabwe, Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Zimbabwe

Hon. Rodney Malindi Sikumba, Republic of Zambia, Minister of Tourism


Hall 7.1 b

United in Diversity: Harnessing EU Collaboration for Regenerative Sustainable Tourism

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University ofApplied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Dr. Misa Labarile, European Commission, Policy Officer, Tourism

Power of Cooperation: Shaping a Regenerative Future for Global Tourism

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Xenia zu Hohenlohe, The Sustainable Markets Initiative, Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer

Inge Huijbrechts, Radisson Hotel Group, Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications

Sophie Herrmann, Systemiq GmbH, Partner and Managing Director Systemiq Germany

Glenn Mandziuk, Sustainable Hospitality Alliance, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sonja Stuchtey, The Landbanking Group, Founder


Hall 3. 1

Opening Business Travel Track

Christoph Carnier, VerbandDeutschesReisemanagemente.V. (VDR), President, VDR & Senior Director Travel, Fleet & Events @ Merck

Jens Schliessmann, VerbandDeutschesReisemanagemente.V. (VDR), Executive Director

Beyond Rebound: Charting the Next Course for Global Business Travel

Suzanne Neufang, Global Business Travel Association, CEO

On the Move: Pioneering Last Mile Innovations in Business Travel

Ferdinand Hanika, FREENOW for Business, Strategic Partner Manager

Navigating the Challenges of Business Travel in 2024 – With Sustainability Top of Mind

Franck Monsauret, Uber for Business, General Manager France, DACH, Northern & Eastern Europe

From Mystery to Mastery: A Guide on How Digital Processes Elevate Quality and Customer Excitement

Markus Seitner, SIXT, Director Sales Marketing & Product Enablement Corporate Sales

AI with a Human Touch: Elevating Business Travel While Keeping People at the Heart of the Journey

Eugen Triebelhorn, TravelPerk Germany, Managing Director & Country Head DACH

LABOUR SHORTAGE: A Never-ending Story or Is There Any Hope?

Rafael Larrazábal, visumPOINT, Sales Manager international

Kathrein Walter, visumPOINT, VP of Growth


Hall 3. 1

Look to Youth Travel for the Future

David Chapman, WYSE Travel Confederation, Director General

President and CEO Russ Hedge, HI USA, CEO

Heidi Durflinger, EF World Journeys, President

Soren Sattrup, Kilroy, Director Concepts Development

Boosting the Growth of Cycling Tourism with Data, Quality and Digital Tools

Agathe Daudibon, European Cyclists‘ Federation – EuroVelo, Manager EuroVelo

Alexandra Fournier, European Cyclists‘ Federation, EuroVelo& Projects Coordinator

Heiko Riekenberg, Bikemap /CycleSummit, CEO

Iris Wermescher, Komoot, Business Development Director

Hartmut Wimmer, Outdooractive, CEO & Founder

Jessica Casagrande, European Cyclists‘ Federation, EuroVelo, Communications and Projects Coordinator

Bertrand Charlet, MHikes, Business Unit Manager

Christian Tänzler, ADFC, Bundesvorstandsmitglied

Russell Walters, Adventure Travel Trade Association, Destination Development & North America Regional Director

Zukunft Wintersport&Tourismus (in German only)

Prof. (FH) Hubert J. Siller, MCI Internationale Hochschule GmbH Department Tourismus&Freizeitwirtschaft | MCI Tourismus, Leitung

Univ. Prof. Dr. Ralf Roth, Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln, Institut für Outdoor Sport und Umweltforschung, Leitung

Charting a Sustainable Course: Lessons in Responsible Tourism from Slovenia‘s Julian Alps and Triglav National Park

Bernhard Scholz, Outdooractive, Director B2B

Klemen Langus, Tourism Bohinj, Director

AdventureConnect ITB Berlin – Now what. Our Role in Crisis Recovery

Mira Polling-Anselmi, ATTA Adventure Travel Trade Association, Vice President Community

Russell Walters, Adventure Travel Trade Association, Destination Development & North America Regional Director

Hjortur Smarason, Chameleon Strategies, Partner


Hall 6.1

Opening and Welcome TTA Track

Charlotte Lamp Davies, A Bright Approach, Founder & Managing Director

How to Accommodate the Global Traveller

Charlotte Lamp Davies, A Bright Approach, Founder & Managing Director

Schubert Lou,, Chief Operating Officer

Industry Partnerships – How New Technology Benefits Tours & Activities

Charlotte Lamp Davies, A Bright Approach, Founder & Managing Director

Manuel Hilty, Nezasa, CEO

Matthias Huwiler, FTI, MD

Fernanda Barrence Mutz, The Trip Boutique AI, CEO and Co-Counder

Benno Iten, Twerenbold Reisen Group, Chief Digital Officer

AI Is Coming For Your Tour Bus

Alex Bainbridge, Autoura, Founder

The Power of Local Experiences – Enhancing Travel Sellers‘ Brand Differentiation and Traveller Engagement

Kate Harden-England, Travolution, Editor

Sergio Vargas Johansson, Joyned, Managing Director, Travel

Nicolas Martiquet, Director, Amadeus Discover platform

The Outlook for Experiences: Key Trends in Tours, Activities & Attractions

Douglas Quinby, Arival, CEO

Nishank Gopalkrishnan, TUI Musement, Chief Commercial Officer

Kristin Dorsett, Viator, Chief Product Officer


Hall 6.1

Transforming Hospitality: Leveraging AI and Generative Technologies for Enhanced Productivity and Creativity (powered by SHR Group)

Ian Sloan, SHR Group, SVP Customer Success & Service Delivery

Engineering the Future: How GenAI and Microsoft Copilot Bring a New Intelligence to Travel

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Karan Bagga, Microsoft, Engineering Group Manager, Travel & AI

Best Practice Amadeus: How GenAI Is Boosting Corporate Travel

Goetz Posner, Amadeus Cytric Solutions, Global Head of Marketing & Customer Experience

The Impact of AI on Google Search: How It Will Change the Travel Game

Thomas Hertkorn, Peak Ace, Lead AI & Innovations

How AI Is Reshaping Travel Searches and Bookings

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Dr. Patrick Andrae, Hometogo, CEO

Kickstart the Generative AI Journey with Google

Michael Giangrande, Google, Travel Industry Lead, Google Cloud Germany

The AI Advantage – Enhancing Productivity and Decisions with Smart Prompts

Leila Summa, PlayToChange, Business Enabler

The Big Reality Check: How AI Is Performing in Leisure Travel in 2024

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Torsten Ostmeier, honeepot GmbH, Founder & CEO

Markus Stumpe, Cruisewatch, CEO


Hall 7.1 a

Biodiversity: An Additional Challenge for a Tired World Governance

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Dr. Bruno Oberle, World Resources Forum, International Resource Panel, Green Digital Finance Alliance, International Union for Conservation of Nature, President, Panel Member, Chair, Former Director General

Leave No Footprints and Take only Memories: Tourism‘s Biodiversity Ambitions and Results

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Xenia zu Hohenlohe, The Sustainable Markets Initiative, Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer

Dr. Frauke Fischer, AgenturAuf!, Founder & Owner

Holly Tuppen, The Long Run, Communications Manager

Netsai Bollmann, KAZA TFCA Secretariat, Programme Manager

Eric Ricaurte, Greenview, Founder & CEO

Sage Bucher-Melcer, Pollination Group, Associate Director

Sustainable Rural Tourism: A Foundation for Biodiversity Preservation and Gender Equality – Potentials and Interactions

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Xenia zu Hohenlohe, The Sustainable Markets Initiative, Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer

Jochen Steinhilber, Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Germany, Directorate-General

Dr. Nicole Haeusler, University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde, Tourism Consultant and Visiting Professor

Jost Neumann, TUI Care Foundation, Director Programmes

Burulgul Sultanova, GIZ, Sustainability Advisor

Anna Grodzki, Matoke Tours, Managing Director

Ben Owen, UN Tourism, Senior Project Specialist, Ethics, Culture and Social Responsibility Department

Pioneering the Transition towards Net Zero: Climate Footprints Unveiled

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Xenia zu Hohenlohe, The Sustainable Markets Initiative, Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer

Ingo Burmester, DER Touristik, CEO

Laura Meyer, Hotelplan, CEO

Markus Orth, Lufthansa City Center, Managing Director

Swantje Lehners, Futouris, KlimaLink, CEO, Chairwoman


Hall 7.1 a

Begegnungenim Urlaub: Nachhaltiges Reisen verbindet Menschen! Aber wiegelingt das? (in German only)

Katty Salié, Kultur-Journalistin

Dr. Gökhan Tuncer, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Direktor, Büro Tirana

Stephan Orth, DeutschlandsbekanntesterCouchsurfer, BestsellerAutor

Prof. Dr.Surjo R. Soekadar, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Einstein-Professor für KlinischeNeurotechnologie

Peter-Mario Kubsch, Studiosus, Geschäftsführer

Technology for Sustainable Tourism Innovation

Prof. Dr. Xavier Font, University of Surrey, Professor

Dr. Bijan Khazai, Risklayer GmbH, CEO

Visiting Professor Eduard Romulus Goean, Therme Group, VP of New Business Partnerships

Jessica Matthias, Sabre, Director of Sustainability

Bert van der Stege, Harbour Air, CEO

Jahanzeeb Ahmed, BeCause.Eco, Chief Commercial Officer

The Story of Sustainable Tourism in Estonia

Külli Kraner, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications for Estonia, Head of Tourism

The Right Message in Tourism: Making Genuine ESG Claims

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Xenia zu Hohenlohe, The Sustainable Markets Initiative, Chief Engagement & Strategy Officer

Tonya Fitzpatrick, World Footprints, Founder & CEO

Hazel McGuire, Intrepid, General Manager UK & Ireland

Victoria Knauer-Hansen, GreenSignInstitut GmbH, Sustainability Manager

Rob Holmes, GLP Films, Founder & Chief Strategist

Amanda Ho, Regenerative Travel, Co-founder & CEO

Radical Change(s) in Tourism: Are We Drastic Enough?

Dr. Willy Legrand, IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Professor

Prof. Stephan Gerhard, Entrepreneur

Georg Schweisfurth, Founder of „Herrmannsdorfer” organic farms and former board member of Greenpeace

Prof. Dr. Burkhard von Freyberg, Munich University of Applied Sciences / Zarges von Freyberg Hotel Consulting, Professor / Managing Partner

Aurelie Sandler, Evaneos, Co-CEO

Hisham Zaazou, PhD, Former Minister of Tourism, Egypt

Graeme Jackson, The Travel Foundation, Head of Strategic Partnerships



Luxury Travel takes the Lead – Driving Transformation from a Position of Strength

Dr. Karoline Wiegerink, HotelschoolThe Hague, Professor of City Hospitality

Caroline Bremner, Euromonitor, Senior Head of Travel Research

Kirsten Feld-Türkis, PROPHET Germany GmbH, Associate Partner

Sebastian Riewe, Kempinski Hotels S.A., Vice President Global Sales

Rodrigo Esponda, Visit Los Cabos, Managing Director

Zoran Pejovic, Losinj Hotels & Villas, Chief Transformation Officer

Well-being Unveiled: The Total Human Hospitality Experience

Yasemin Oruc, HotelschoolThe Hague, Research Fellow

Dr. Valentina Clergue, EHL Hospitality Business School, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Sonal Uberoi, Spa Balance Consulting, Founding Director

Dott. Arch. (IUAV) Eileen Meyer, CoCoN by Eileen Meyer, owner

Michael Altewischer, Wellness-Hotels & Resorts GmbH, Managing Partner

The Future is Now: Redefining Hotel Guest Experiences in the Digital Age

Dr. Alexander Lennart Schmidt, HotelschoolThe Hague, Professor of Technological Innovation

Prof. Dr. Vanessa Borkmann, Fraunhofer IAO & SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Research Lead FutureHotel Innovation Network & Professor for Tourism and Hotel Management

Che‘ Govender, Hotelschool The Hague, Researcher

Immerse Yourself into the Future of Virtual Reality Hospitality Training | Interactive Experience Session

Dr. Alexander Lennart Schmidt, HotelschoolThe Hague, Professor of Technological Innovation

Che‘ Govender, Hotelschool The Hague, Researcher



From Insights to Delight: Transforming Hotel Guest Journeys through Data

Dr. Alexander Lennart Schmidt, HotelschoolThe Hague, Professor of Technological Innovation

Ulrich Pillau, Apaleo, Founder & CEO

Hans Arno Sonderfeld, Schlossbräumk | hotels GmbH, Geschäftsführer

Eva Klausner, numa, Director of Guest Experience

Thomas Zaufal, citizenM, Technical Owner

Ron Sandel, Airbnb, General Manager, HotelTonight and Hotels

The Added Value of Community-driven Hotels and Hybrid-hospitality: from Potential to Practice

Dr. Karoline Wiegerink, HotelschoolThe Hague, Professor of City Hospitality

Dr. Ko Koens, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, Professor of New Urban Tourism

Dr. Sabrina Seeler, FH Westküste, Lehrkraft für besondereAufgaben, FH Westküste&Vorstandsmitglied DI Tourismusforschung

Inge Huijbrechts, Radisson Hotel Group, Global Senior Vice President Sustainability, Security and Corporate Communications

Gitte Mikkelsen, Wonderful Copenhagen, Senior Manager

Laura Steden, DER Touristik Group, Director Corporate Responsibility

Co-creating FutureHotel Scenarios – Interactive Session

Dr. Constanze Heydkamp, Fraunhofer IAO,Team Smart Urban Environments at FraunhoferIAO, Research Coordination and ManagementFutureHotel Innovation Network


Hall 3.1

Opening and Welcome Future Work Track

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Resolving the Mismatch: Current andFuture Skills Needs in Tourism

Sabine Pracht, Coaching Female Leadership &Transformation, Gründerin, Coach für FemaleLeadership & Transformation

Dr CornéDijkmans, Breda University of AppliedSciences, Director of Research

Claire Steiner, Institute of Travel & Tourism, Director

Lobke Elbers, Pact for Next Tourism GenerationSkills (PANTOUR), Lead Digital

Marlène Bartes, European Commission, PolicyOfficer, Tourism

Leading the Change: Corporate Culture inFuture Workforce

Madlen Schwing, Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Research Associate

Bonita Grupp, TRIGEMA W. Grupp KG, CEO

Madame Eliza Reid, Iceland, Author & First Lady

Britta Fischer, DER Touristik, CHRO

Gitta Brückmann, Marriott Hotel Holding GmbH,Vice President Corporate Social Responsibility EMEA,Government Affairs Europe

Was Frauen wollen – Eine Betrachtungder Karriereentwicklung von Frauen in der deutschenTourismuswirtschaft (German only)

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dieter Quack, Ostfalia Universityof Applied Sciences, Professor for DestinationManagement

Prof. Dr. Claudia Brözel, Hochschule für nachhaltigeEntwicklung in Eberswalde, Professorin

Sabine Pracht, Coaching Female Leadership &Transformation, Gründerin, Coach für FemaleLeadership & Transformation

Lena Zell, Hochschule für nachhaltigeEntwicklungEberswalde, Projektmanagerin

Gender Equality: Wie gestalten wireinegleichberechtigteArbeitsweltimTourismus?(in German only)

Dr. Franziska Thiele, Ostfalia Hochschule fürangewandteWissenschaften, WissenschaftlicheMitarbeiterin

Prof. Dr. Claudia Brözel, Hochschule für nachhaltigeEntwicklung in Eberswalde, Professorin

Sabine Pracht, Coaching Female Leadership &Transformation, Gründerin, Coach für FemaleLeadership & Transformation

Isabell Decker, Saint Elmo‘s TourismusmarketingGmbH, Senior Consultant | Strategic Design

Jan Grossmann, B&B Hotels Germany GmbH, Headof Human Resources Central & Northern Europe

Irmela Preissner, Biblische Reisen GmbH,Geschäftsführerin

Dieter Janecek, Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftund Klimaschutz, Koordinator der Bundesregierungfür die Maritime Wirtschaft und Tourismus


Hall 3.1

AusländischeFachkräftegewinnen und halten (in German only)

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dieter Quack, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Professor for Destination Management

Dirk Binding, DIHK, BereichsleiterDigitaleWirtschaft, Infrastruktur, Regionalpolitik

Ulrich Schneider, IHK Trier, GeschäftsführerBereichAusbildung

Marion Mangrich, WeinhotelKlostermühle, Geschäftsführerin

Mahesa Biru Langit, WeinhotelKlostermühle, Ockfen, Auszubildenderzum Koch (2. Ausbildungsjahr, ausIndonesien)

EuropäischeTalenteimFokus: Innovative Wege zurMitarbeitergewinnung und -bindung in der Tourismusbranche (in German only)

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dieter Quack, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Professor for Destination Management

Mag. Karin M. Kirchmair – Lindner, ATRACT eG, Founder & Board of Directors, Management Board

Pia Hernegger, ATRACT, Head of Recruiting & Matching

Fach- und Arbeitskräftemangeltreffen auf Gen Z und demographischen Wandel: DüstereAussichtenoder Chance zur Transformation des ArbeitsmarktesimTourismus? (in German only)

Dr. Sabrina Seeler, FH Westküste, Lehrkraft für besondereAufgaben, FH Westküste&Vorstandsmitglied DI Tourismusforschung

Prof. Dr. Sven Groß, Hochschule Harz, Professor für Management von Verkehrsträgern, Hochschule Harz & Fellow DI Tourismusforschung, FH Westküste

Katharina Richter, FH Westküste, Studentin, 5. Semester International Tourism Management

Neele Stosik, FH Westküste, Studentin, 5. Semester International Tourism Management

Chiara Weinforth, Deutscher Tourismusverband, Veranstaltungsmanagerin

Hanna Präger, TourismusverbandFläminge.V., Produktmarketing&Innovationsmanagement

Wrap-Up des Tages

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Dieter Quack, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Professor for Destination Management


Hall 6.1

Taking Notes – Lessons from Asia‘s Digital Frontier – hosted by TravelDaily China

Charlie Li, TravelDaily China, Founder & CEO

Vivian Zhou, Jin Jiang International, Vice President

Zhiwei Bai, Tongcheng Travel (LY.COM), Chief Marketing Officer

Jongyoon (Jeff) Kim, Yanlja, CEO

Camping Goes Digital

Michael Frischkorn, PiNCAMP GmbH, Chief Product & Technology Officer

Skyscanner Horizons: 2024 Traveller Trends and Insights Revealed – powered by Skyscanner

Zeynep Mutlu Bigali, Skyscanner, Head of Destination Partnerships, EMEA

Elevating Railways: Leveraging Resale for a Revolutionized Customer Journey Toward a Greener Future

Sarah Panthou, OUIGO, Director Deputy Commercial & Marketing

Gilles de Richemond, Fairlyne, Cofounder & CEO

Transportation Taking a Turn – The New Technologies in Ground and Sea Transportation

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Noam Toister, Travelier, Co-Founder & CEO

Marc Hofmann, CheckMyBus, CEO

The Road to Modern Airline Retailing – Where Are We at?

Lea Jordan, ITB Berlin Convention, Member of the Board of Experts

Glenn Morgan, Threedot, Partner

Dr. Boris Padovan, Travel in Motion AG, Partner

Lindsay Millward, Sabre Travel Solutions, Senior Director Commercial, Airline EMEA

How Hyatt is Driving Strong Results with Authentic Storytelling on TikTok, powered by TikTok

Michael Schumacher, TikTok, Brand Partnerships Lead – Travel & Mobility

Laura Ferrari, Hyatt, Director of Social Media EAME


Hall 6.11

Neue Räume für digitaleInnovationen: Knowledge Graph, und nun? Das bringt Open Data wirklich (in German only)

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Alexa Brandau, Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus, BereichsleiterinMedienmanagement

Richard Hunkel, Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus, Leiter Open Data &DigitaleProjekte

Ricardo Rohland, Join, IT-Consultant

Alexander Pietsch, Join, Digitalisierungsexperte

Die Lückeschließen: LokaleErlebnisseendlichweltweitbuchbarmachen (in German only)

Michael Schmidt, Travel.Commerce., Partner

Dr. Michael Braun, TourismusverbandOstbayern, GeschäftsführenderVorstand

Larissa Dosenbach, CFM_media, Head of Destinations

Smart Tourism: NachhaltigesDatenmanagementzureffektivenGästeansprache (in German only)

Geschäftsführer Adi Hadzimuratovic, neusta GmbH, Geschäftsführer

Endlich den Gast verstehen: Von der Gästekartezumdigitalen Wallet (in German only)

Reinhard Lanner, Workersonthefield, Strategy Advisor Travel & Hospitality

Endlich allesuntereinem Dach: Wie Tourism Data Spaces eine Destination beflügelnkönnen (in German only)

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Natascha Totzler, nexyo GmbH, Geschäftsführung

Fritz Fahringer, Standortagentur Tirol GmbH /, Head of Digitalization

Masterclass: Google für Destinationen (in German only)

Dirk Rogl, Travel.Commerce., Managing Director

Sibylle Rudolph, Google, Industry Manager Travel

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