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Help Needed! New Chaos at Munich & Frankfurt Airports Continues


Two years ago LSG Skychef stopped servicing Lufthansa flights in Munich and Frankfurt. Lufthansa management came up with a scheme to cut salaries, costs, and benefits for its LSG staff, kicking them out of Lufthansa operating now under the name of Gate Group – no benefits included.

LSG provides catering to airlines around the globe at airports around the world. Since LSG associates enjoyed the same benefits Lufthansa staff had- no more for those working in Germany. Now they’re no longer part of the Lufthansa family but doing the same job.

Those that worked for LSG Germany for many years had a short period to use up some flight benefits on real Lufthansa flights only.

Those that had retired from LSG years ago and expected to have flight benefits during retirement were misled.

Standard Lufthansa salary adjustments no longer apply to former LSG associates, even if they already worked for the company 25-30 years. Some lost up to EURO 1000.00 in monthly salaries.

Employees stationed at Munich or Frankfurt airport suffered the most. Especially in Frankfurt, more elderly people were caught by surprise.

A whistleblower told eTurboNews

According to an eyewitness who worked for LSG for more than 25 years many Lufthansa board members now need bodyguards and around-the-clock protection. There are so many threats against them – former LSG staff are upset.

The eTN source explained. “I worked for LSG as a Lufthansa employee for 25 years. After 25 years you get a free ticket for the entire Lufthansa network for two people. I qualified for this and had 3 years to use it. Due to Corona, nothing worked anymore and I lost my time slot. Lufthansa did not offer a solution and took my tickets. “

“Many of us lost our motivation to work for the company. Time changed, and not for the better.”

“After COVID many associates left Gate in Munich. Currently, we’re looking for more than 200 new people. We’re not alone, everyone else is also looking.”

“Now our company is offering incentives. Everyone who calls in only 1 sick day in the summer month will receive EURO 500.00.”

“If anyone finds a cook, baker or butcher, our company will reward you with EURO 2000.00, The reward is EURO 1,000.00 for other less specialized jobs. “

“So many people quit, and none of the jobs at the airport are well paid like they were 30 years ago. Most people that had left during Corona have no incentive to come back.”

“Due to special safety and security requirements, it takes 2-4 weeks before a new person can start.”

“The incentive for this job is no longer valid. No more free flights, EURO 1000.00 less salary compared to 2 years ago, and forget all the generous social benefits we all enjoyed under LSG.”

“We have so many associates calling in sick. It’s cheaper to stay home now.”

“I received an offer to leave the company during Corona guaranteeing a 1-year full salary and 80% benefits after that. 35 people took the offer a year ago – and now they are urgently needed and won’t come back.”

“Many of my friends are telling me about the difficulties the German carrier is facing.. Lufthansa had to cut meal services on short-haul flights. Chaos is already written on the wall for summer during our high season.”

Lufthansa confirmed and told eTurboNews.

Due to staff shortages by Gate Gourmet some changes for short and middle long flights were implemented. Our “Onboard Delight” offer for economy passengers departing from Frankfurt had to be suspended. Our business class service has not changed.

Lufthansa regrets this issue, but as of May 1, all passengers departing from Munich will be able to enjoy our “Onboard Delights” again.

According to the eTN source, other departments have similar issues. A shortage in staff restricts cargo and passenger check-in besides catering and baggage handling.

Many times Lufthansa is blaming isolation due to COVID-19, but this is not the real reason

I suggest for anyone flying in Europe to take a fully loaded onboard suitcase.

Those that are working, are working hard. Many of those working in the kitchen are from Thailand or the Philippines. A person in catering easily carries more than 3 tons of food over a day, and many now have health issues because of it.

It is wasn’t for our Asian guest workers – nothing would run anymore at catering

Corinna Born, Corporate Communication for Munich airport has an easy response:

“As an airport operator, we are not involved and unfortunately cannot comment on the mentioned subject matter.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards from Munich.

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