In Zanzibar, partners discuss sustainable hospitality.

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Stakeholders discuss sustainable tourism in Zanzibar | The Citizen

Unguja. Stakeholders gathered yesterday to deliberate on ways to ensure the sustainability of the tourist industry, which accounts for 30 percent of Zanzibar’s gross domestic product (GDP).

They met in a one-day workshop aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for sustainable tourism practices among various stakeholders in the industry.

The workshop held at the Lux Marijani Hotel was organised by the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism (ZCT) in collaboration with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) through their Heshimu Bahari project.

The focal point of the workshop was the Greener Zanzibar Campaign, an initiative poised to transform the prospects of tourism by promoting sustainable practices.

The stakeholders discussed various issues that will boost sustainable tourism practices, including sustainable sourcing of food from sea and land and effective management of waste sustainably.

Other issues discussed were the preservation of natural spaces and ecosystem restoration, promotion of local Zanzibari culture, knowledge and expertise, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in operational activities.

Speaking at the workshop, ZCT’s executive secretary, Ms Hafsa Mbamba, underscored the paramount importance of embracing sustainability within the tourism sector.

The executive secretary shed light on the progress made in various areas, highlighting the dedicated efforts of working groups focused on sustainable initiatives. The endeavours ranged from preserving natural spaces to promoting local Zanzibari culture, epitomising the collective commitment towards a greener Zanzibar.

“So far, the three areas already have a working group, of which the space for nature is under the department of forestry and has a working group already, sustainable food; Chumbe Island is implementing the sustainable seafood guide and the Msonge farm, but also the sustainable waste management Zanzrec and KAWA are working closely on making it happen,” she said.

“The journey towards a greener Zanzibar had just begun, propelled by the collective resolve of stakeholders to safeguard the environment, nurture local communities, and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come,” she added.

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