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Message from New Skal Guam President

Ernie Galito image courtesy of Skal Guam e1651696695828

On May 3, 2022, the Governor of Guam lifted the requirements of wearing masks at indoor events based on the high vaccination rate and the low number of new virus infection rates and patients requiring hospitalization.

The following message from Skal Guam’s new President, Ernie Galito, brings up to date news on how the club is doing and what the future may hold.

This is his message:

“Hafa Adai Dear Friends,

“We send warm greetings from the tropical island of Guam. 

“Tourism arrivals from Seoul, Korea, are increasing slowly, and the Guam Visitors Bureau expects additional visitors to come from Busan, Korea, later this month.

“We recently held our second monthly meeting on April 19 with a robust gathering of twenty-five members and guests.  Our first meeting this year was in March, and that had been our first meeting since August 2021 due to public health restrictions, so our members were happy that we could meet and socialize over good food and drink.

“Our SKAL Club of Guam officers and directors for 2022-2023 are as follows:  Ernie Galito, President; Glenn Webber, Vice President; Jim Herbert, Secretary; Jerold Filush, Treasurer; Mary Torre, Past President; and Rindraty Limtiaco, Director.

“Our treasurer reported at our last meeting that we are financially stable despite the disruption that COVID-19 caused over the previous two years. Our following plans are to announce, recruit, interview, and award collegiate scholarships to qualified students to assist them in their career paths in travel, tourism, and hospitality.

“The current conflict in Ukraine saddens us, and we are hopeful for an end to the tragedy and suffering.  As our neighboring countries recover from the pandemic, we look forward to the steady and continued restart of tourism in Guam and the Asia Pacific region.”

Commenting on the report, SKAL ASIA President Andrew J Wood said: “It is encouraging to see that we are slowly returning to normal, with SKAL clubs able to have face to face meetings once more.

“What is now important is that we pursue the objectives of SI President Burcin Turkkan’s goals enhancing SKAL’s relevancy, visibility, governance and strategic growth of membership.”

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