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New captioned mobile phone app for people with hearing loss

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CapTel® announced the release of the new app today at the AAA 2022 + HearTECH Expo conference in St. Louis, Mo. The conference is the premier event for innovative hearing healthcare solutions, hosted by the prestigious American Academy of Audiology.

“We’re extremely excited to release this completely re-engineered app to benefit the millions of Americans with hearing loss,” says Dixie Ziegler, vice president of Hamilton Relay, Hamilton CapTel’s parent company. “Hamilton CapTel was the first to release a mobile app for captioned phone calls back in 2010. This release represents a milestone in that Hamilton CapTel and Ultratec, Inc., the inventor of captioned telephones, worked collaboratively to deliver this feature-rich, fully functional app for iOS and Android.”

Similar to captions on television, Hamilton Mobile CapTel delivers captions for phone conversations. Developed specifically for people with hearing loss, users will have access to a host of powerful features, including:

•             Fast and accurate captions on incoming and outgoing calls

•             Seamless syncing with device contacts

•             Built-in Voicemail with captions

•             Simultaneous viewing of captions on a larger screen with Browser Caption Viewing

•             Call Forwarding and Custom Caller ID

•             Customizable captions – choose font style, color and size

•             Access call log and review captions

•             And more

Since 2003, Hamilton CapTel has made more than 250 million captioned phone calls possible. The development team drew from this deep well of experience to design the new app. The result is a stable, secure platform that’s easy to use, accurate and faster than ever.

“While all of the features certainly make the app a leader in this space, the real benefit is the increased freedom it provides to people with hearing loss,” Ziegler says. “Users can enjoy the same captioned phone experience we’ve been delivering to our customers at home and in their office for years – now in the palm of their hand.”

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