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New Near-Death Book begins “I Met God”

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A new book from Eugenia Crouse chronicles the Near-Death Experience of the author and her complete and detailed story of abuse leading to a near fatal car accident, change and redemption. Her story contains jaw dropping experiences and discussions with God and others that have never appeared in other NDE stories. The author was physically touched by God as he/she spoke to her and her story entails a special message from God that will touch every reader.    

Below are some significant excerpts from the book:

“…While I’m describing being outside of my body… you need to understand that I was simultaneously present in the four locations that I described.”

“…And then, a female voice interrupted us. A cloud began to emerge from the area of his ribcage. As it took shape, a beautiful woman with very long hair, so long that it sat on her lap with similar Amish curls began to form. She was sitting next to the standing male Caucasian God form. Her hair color was beautifully red. She appeared to be black…not Caucasian… with beautiful feminine facial features. She was the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. She has a very sultry voice with a foreign accent. She began to speak up in my defense. God was both Male AND Female… two complete entities… two halves of the same person.”

“…God listened patiently and answered every single question that I had ever had in my life…  I was not allowed to remember most of the answers… except for three questions…

“…was there a war in Heaven?”

“Why did you create us?”

“Why is there so much evil on Earth?”

“I met with God one last time. He held up a bible in his hands. He held the bible right up to my face as he pointed to it and said: “see this book…this book is …”

The author, Eugenia Crouse, lives in Texas with her husband of 32 years, her teenage daughter and a fiercely loyal Rottweiler named Hoyce. She is a Native American… a blood member of Choctaw Nation. In addition to modeling, her hobbies include horses (she was a professional horse jockey for a short period of time before quitting to become a professional drag racer), motorcycles, professional drag racing (10 years and hundreds of races), and she is an expert classic car mechanic along with her husband who is also a drag racer and expert mechanic.

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