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New Preventative Joint Supplement May Delay Arthritis in Dogs

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A California-based pet wellness company has launched a new natural health supplement formulated to protect pets from arthritis and prevent painful joint issues before they become a problem.

“Joint disease is a serious problem for all dogs – and not just old ones,” explains Pet Wellness Direct Co-CEO, Russ Kamalski. “According to the Arthritis Foundation, 20% of dogs that are one year or older are already showing signs of developing arthritis. That’s why my team of veterinary scientists and I wanted to create a supplement that would help keep dogs’ hips and joints healthy and strong for many years to come.”

Arthritis is a chronic joint disease that results in dog joint cartilage loss and thickening of the bone around the joint. When left untreated, arthritis is very painful, and can severely impair your dog’s mobility, energy levels, and overall well-being. It can even lead to changes in behavior and cause a normally friendly dog to become irritable or aggressive.

Kamalski says his new preventative joint supplement was specially formulated for dogs to start taking at an early age and is safe for use over long periods of time.

“At VetSmart Formulas, we believe in preventing problems before they happen,” he says. “That’s why we think it’s so important to take care of dog’s joints NOW – and offer early stage prevention that protects them from painful joint disease before it becomes a significant problem.”

Early Stage Hip + Joint Complex includes a veterinary-strength combination of glucosamine, MSM, and hyaluronic acid for dogs to protect joint fluid and cartilage. According to Kamalski, VetSmart Formulas tested their new supplement on hundreds of dogs with early stage arthritis prior to launching the product and say that pet owners were very impressed with the results.

“Pet owners were telling us that their dogs were friskier than they had been in months or even years, and were running around like puppies again,” Kamalski says. “Plus, they really like the natural hypoallergenic beef flavor, so getting the dog to take the supplement is very easy.”

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