On February 14, a new Bali tourists access revenue will go into effect.

On February 14, a new Bali tourists access revenue will go into effect.

According to the information from European tour operators, a new one-time entry tax for foreign tourists will go in effect on the island of Bali, starting from February 14, 2024.

Local host agents in Bali informed foreign tour operators about a new development yesterday, February 9. According to their reports, starting from February 14, 2024, a mandatory tourism tax of IDR 150,000 (approximately $9.59) per person will be implemented for all foreign visitors coming to Bali.

Tour operators specified that this new tax will be collected either in cash or via Visa and Mastercard payment at Denpasar Airport. To complete the payment, foreign visitors will need to visit a designated counter, present their passport, pay the tax, and receive a QR code for future reference during the check-in process.

According to information provided by Space Travel, exchange offices will also be available at Denpasar Airport where it will be possible to pay the tax in dollars. In addition, the tax can be paid on the island itself. Hotels, cafes, restaurants and other public tourist establishments will be registered in the tax payment system, and verification will be carried out upon departure. It will also be possible to pay the tax online through the application by entering data similar to the data in your passport and receiving a QR code to present during verification. It is important to note that payment will only be possible using Visa and Mastercard, UnionPay cards will not be accepted.

Exchange offices will be available at Denpasar Airport, allowing the tax to be paid in US dollars. Alternatively, the tax can be paid directly on the island. The tax payment system includes registration of hotels, cafes, restaurants, and other tourist establishments. Departure verification will be conducted to ensure compliance.

Another option is to pay the new tax would be online payment through the application by entering passport-like data and receiving a QR code for presentation during verification.

According to the information provided by Bali tour operators, only Visa and Mastercard credit cards will be accepted for payment. Chinese-issued China UnionPay cards, preferred by Chinese tourists, will not be accepted.

In case of the tourists leaving Bali, such as for a trip to a nearby island, there will be no requirement to repay the tax, local tour operators said. The tax will remain in effect until the visitors’ departure from Indonesia.
SOURCE: New Bali Tourist Entry Tax Starts on February 14 BY: eTurboNews | eTN  

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