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Russian ships no longer welcome in US ports

Russian ships no longer welcome in US ports

The European Union banned Russian ships from its ports on April 6 in response to Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. Today, the United States followed the suit with President Biden announcing that all Russian-affiliated vessels are now banned from docking at US ports.

New US ban applies to all Russian-flagged, owned or operated ships, Washington said.

“No ship that sails under the Russian flag, or that is owned or operated by a Russian interest, will be allowed to dock in a US port or access our shores. None,” US President announced today at the White House, after meeting with the Ukrainian prime minister.

According to President Biden, new ban intends to “deny Russia the benefits of the international economic system that they so enjoyed in the past.”

In addition to the port ban, Biden announced a program to let Ukrainians immigrate into the US directly, another $500 million in direct economic aid to Kiev – totaling $1 billion since February – and another $800 million in weapons, ammunition and equipment.

The conflict in Ukraine may go on for a very long time, and the most important thing is to maintain unity at home and abroad, Mr. Biden told reporters. It is the US responsibility to “hold the whole world together” in this fight, he added.

President Biden also vowed that Russia “will never succeed in dominating and occupying all of Ukraine.”

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