Spirit AeroSystems after B737 Max Problem in Malaysian architecture.

Spirit AeroSystems after B737 Max Problem in Malaysian architecture.

Spirit AeroSystems manufactured and initially installed the fuselage part on a brand-new Boeing 737 Max 9 jet that suffered a blowout on Alaska Airlines over Portland in January.
Spirit AeroSystems is a supplier of Boeing’s 737 Max narrowbody jet. Spirit makes the fuselage for the 737 Max and other parts of Boeing models. Spirit was the first supplier to offer precision detail assembly for the Boeing 737 Next-Generation program. 
In 2005, when Boeing sold its Wichita, Kansas plant, Spirit AeroSystems was created. Today, Spirit’s Wichita plant produces 52 Boeing 737 chipsets each month. 
Investor concern over Spirit’s role in the grounding of Boeing’s 737 Max 9 planes caused shares of Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc. to drop. 
Spirit AeroSystems, Inc. announced today the grand opening of its Engineering Design Center in Subang, Malaysia, which expands the company’s global engineering capabilities, during the opening day of the 2024 Singapore Air Show.
Dr. Sean Black, Spirit AeroSystem’s senior vice president, chief technology officer, and chief engineer, said the new center will allow Spirit to expand engineering services to meet growing customer demand as air travel continues to recover to pre-pandemic levels and higher.

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Located in the middle of the Subang factory, the center has been expanded through two renovation projects to model and furnish space and incorporate soundproofing in the workspace to accommodate new engineering functions for the Malaysia engineering team, including 24-hour engineering service to Spirit factories around the globe. The center is equipped with state-of-the-art engineering technology, high-speed networks, and engineering software.
Black said that Spirit’s engineering team in Malaysia is already a significant player in the design of the A350XWB Section 15 Freighter, and A350XWB Ultra Long Range, and a key partner to the A220 Wing program.  
“Expanding engineering services in Malaysia gives Spirit the ability for around-the-clock support for our global manufacturing locations and development programs, improving engineering turn-around time, so we can provide service to meet our growing customer demand,” Black said. “Additionally, an expanded engineering office in Malaysia will enhance supply chain communications in the Asia-Pacific region by providing operations within the same time zone, as well as culture and language advantages.”
Black added that upgrading engineering capabilities for the company’s Malaysia facility creates future opportunities for Spirit to offer design-and-build capabilities in that region.
“A stronger engineering workforce in Malaysia helps Spirit have better agility and capacity to serve our global customers,” Black said.SOURCE: Engineering in Malaysia: Spirit AeroSystems after B737 Max Trouble. BY: eTurboNews | eTN  

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