State of Emergency in Niagara: Over 1 Million Solar Eclipse Tourists

State of Emergency in Niagara: Over 1 Million Solar Eclipse Tourists

Bookings for hotels and vacation rentals in Niagara for tourists who want to witness the spectacle at one of North America’s majestic natural attractions have reached a level that, for April 8, may not be sustainable. The reason is a total solar eclipse.

With huge crowds of visitors expected to flock to the areas in and around the famous waterfalls in Canada’s Niagara Region for a rare total solar eclipse on April 8, local authorities have proactively declared a state of emergency as a part of their preparations for accommodating the “once-in-a-lifetime event.”

According to the mayor of Niagara Falls, Jim Diodati, up to one million people are expected to descend on Niagara. Niagara is one of the prime Canadian and US locations for viewing the upcoming eclipse, since it is located right in the path of totality.

The official statement yesterday announced that Niagara Regional Chair Jim Bradley had proclaimed a state of emergency “out of an abundance of caution.”

According to the statement, declaring a state of emergency, as outlined in the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, enhances the region’s capabilities to ensure the well-being and safety of residents and visitors while safeguarding vital infrastructure in any potential situation.

“On April 8, the spotlight will be on Niagara as thousands of visitors join us to share in this once-in-a-lifetime event, and we will be ready to shine. I would like to thank all of our local governments, first responders, and community organizations who have been working together diligently to ensure our community can offer a safe and unforgettable experience, both for our visitors and for all those who call Niagara home,” the Niagara Regional Chair said in the statement.

Eclipse fans are paying $1000.00 or more for some hotels per night around the time of the event.

Niagara Falls Mayor Diodati anticipates that in a matter of days, around one million people will flock to the region, which usually welcomes about 14 million visitors annually.

The other half of the falls is part of the U.S. State of New York. Hotel rates are also spiking, but the City of Buffalo or the State of New York did not yet have a State of Emergency for the American side of the park.

“It’s going to be crazy,” Niagara Falls Mayor Diodati said.

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On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will happen at the Moon’s ascending node. It will be visible across North America and is known as the Great North American Eclipse (also referred to as the Great American Total Solar Eclipse and Great American Eclipse). A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between Earth and the Sun, causing the Sun to be hidden from view for someone on Earth. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon appears larger than the Sun, completely blocking all direct sunlight and plunging the day into darkness. Totality is only experienced along a narrow path on Earth’s surface, while a partial solar eclipse can be seen in the surrounding region that spans thousands of kilometers.

This eclipse will mark the first total solar eclipse visible in the Canadian provinces since February 26, 1979, the first in Mexico since July 11, 1991, and the first in the United States of America since August 21, 2017. It will be the sole total solar eclipse in the 21st century, during which the totality of the sun will be observable in Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Furthermore, it will be the final total solar eclipse visible in the Contiguous United States until August 23, 2044.

The last solar eclipse of the year will occur six months later, on October 2, 2024.
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