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The Shanghai Daily newspaper has released a special edition on Seychelles islands in its June edition.

The Shanghai Daily newspaper has released a special edition on Seychelles islands in its June edition.

The eight-page article touches Seychelles main sectors of the economy such as tourism, economy, fisheries, investment, aviation, and education, with interviews with the key ministers responsible for these portfolios.

In the tourism column, the Shanghai Daily newspaper said that the tourism industry is in good shape and looking forward to a bright future.

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St. Ange, said, “The image of Seychelles as a priced-out, exclusive destination is not the reality today.” The Tourism minister goes on to explain: “We are more accessible than we have ever been. We have everything, ranging from family-run guesthouses to private island resorts. In the past, we failed to tell the world that we do, in fact, have accommodation that caters to all traveler profiles.”

China has turned into a Seychelles emerging market. Recent statistics show that the market is recording a progressive growth with a total number of 2,588 visitors. In the Shanghai Daily newspaper, Seychelles’ interest in opening up the Beijing market was addressed to Minister St.Ange.

“We are too small a country to rely on a single target market. As a principle, we, therefore, strive to attract a variety of visitors. China is the obvious growth pattern. We can offer Chinese visitors some¬thing completely different: the typical Chinese tourist is not a sun-lover, there¬fore, we are tailoring our packages to their specific needs. We are, for example, look¬ing to develop more high-end shopping centers here.

“Seychelles has stressed its reputation as a safe destination with no visa requirement.

“There are not many countries around the world that can make this claim. Sey-chelles is also one of the few countries that does not require immunizations for those traveling directly from China. … We consider ourselves friends of all and en¬emies of none. We welcome everybody here. Any nationality, with a valid pass¬port and return ticket, is welcome,” Minister St.Ange said.

The warmth of the Seychellois nation combined with its excellent service have not gone unnoticed by reporters of the Shanghai Daily newspaper.

In the places to stay column, the Eden Island, Ephelia Resort, and Le Relax Hotel have been singled out as perfect spots on the island for visitors “wanting a break with a difference.”

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