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solomons airline
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HALEIWA, Hawaii, USA; BRUSSELS, Belgium; VICTORIA, Seychelles; BALI, Indonesia – The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced that Solomon Airlines Limited has become an associate

HALEIWA, Hawaii, USA; BRUSSELS, Belgium; VICTORIA, Seychelles; BALI, Indonesia – The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced that Solomon Airlines Limited has become an associate member.

“Solomon Airlines has gone through some of the most difficult times in its history. Despite these experiences, Solomon Airlines has continued to strive for development and change to ensure that the airline can achieve its corporate objectives and commitment to the people of the Solomon Islands and the traveling public at large,” said ICTP Chairman Juergen T. Steinmetz, “and this is just one reason why ICTP is pleased to welcome the airlines to its membership.”

Solomon Airlines has successfully implemented its strategy to be a progressive “state-owned enterprise” in the Solomon Islands. With the application of information and communication technology, Solomon Airlines is working vigorously to become an energy-friendly airline in the South Pacific – a commitment to protect the environment. In its endeavors in this regard, the airline has its intranet site and and electronic boards to facilitate communication within the company without the use of paper.

In 2011, Solomon Airlines formally began its green mission when the new head office constructed at Henderson. While the office is very modern, an outstanding feature is the application of new technology and promotion of clean energy using solar power as its major source of electricity, and therefore, reducing its use of electricity. The protection of the environment and promotion of clean energy, especially from business houses and airlines in particular that are well known for using fuel, is becoming increasingly demanding. It is an international challenge of which Solomon Airlines will take on board.

Solomon Airlines wishes to see itself known as a “Green Airline” for its clean environment, utilization of clean energy such as wind and solar power, proper use of water resources, and use of alternative fuels. Solomon Airlines will focus its activities on environmental issues, sustainable living, and alternative construction of its physical infrastructures.

Ongoing environmental issues such as climate change, water scarcity, and biodiversity can be successfully dealt with through mediums such as awareness campaigns in communities and work places. Solomon Airlines works closely with its partners by sharing its experiences and encouraging them to introduce sustainable business practices that focus on the protection of the environment.

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The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) is a grassroots travel and tourism coalition of global destinations committed to quality service and green growth. ICTP engages communities and their stakeholders to share quality and green opportunities including tools and resources, access to funding, education, and marketing support. ICTP advocates sustainable aviation growth, streamlined travel formalities, and fair coherent taxation. ICTP supports the UN Millennium Development Goals, the UN World Tourism Organization’s Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, and a range of programs that underpin them.

ICTP has destination members in Anguilla; Aruba; Australia; Bangladesh; Belgium, Belize; Brazil; Canada; Caribbean; China; Croatia; Cyrpus; Egypt; Ecuador; Egypt; (The) Gambia; Georgia; Germany; Ghana; Greece; Grenada; India; Indonesia; Iran; Jordan; Kenya; Korea (South); La Reunion (French Indian Ocean); Malaysia; Malawi; Mauritius; Mexico; Morocco; Nicaragua; Nigeria; Northern Mariana Islands (USA Pacific Island Territory); Romania; Sultanate of Oman; Pakistan; Palestine; Philippines; Portugal; Rwanda; Seychelles; Sierra Leone; South Africa; Sri Lanka; St. Eustatius (Dutch Caribbean); St. Kitts; St. Lucia; Sudan; Tajikistan; Tanzania; Trinidad & Tobago; Uganda; USA; Yemen; Zambia; and Zimbabwe.

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