Tourism diversification key to ongoing success for Seychelles

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Brazil Consul 1
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The Seychelles Tourism Board is continuing its policy of diversification of its tourism markets.

The Seychelles Tourism Board is continuing its policy of diversification of its tourism markets. China was one of their main initial targets in diversification which saw the President of Seychelles personally lead delegations to open that market. This week, it is Brazil that is receiving a delegation from the Seychelles headed by Alain St.Ange, the island’s Minister responsible for Tourism and Culture, accompanied by David Germain, their Tourism Board’s Director of Africa and the Americas, and Myra Fanchette, their Marketing Executive responsible for this market.

They are all in the South American State of Brazil to participate in the Explore South Africa Road Show 2012 that will see the Seychelles Minister deliver an address at the programmed Seychelles Evening on Monday, August 27, where some 150 media and Brazilian trade partners have already confirmed their presence.

The Seychelles delegation is set to also address a press conference on Monday afternoon.

When in Sao Paulo in Brazil, the Seychelles Minister will also be part of the launch of the new catalogue by the Brazilian Fashion House who visited Seychelles earlier this year for their photo shoot accompanied by some of Brazil’s top models.

After their arrival in Sao Paulo on Saturday evening, the Seychelles Minister and his delegation were received by Mr. Luiz F. Picollo, the Seychelles Consul in Brazil, and by Mr. Abel Ferreira de Assis, the Consulate Legal Advisor. This meeting showcased the strong working partnership existing between the Ministries of Tourism and Foreign Affairs of these mid-ocean islands. The Seychelles Consul who holds business interests in both Brazil and Paraguay will work more closely with the Seychelles Tourism Board in its efforts to open the South American tourism market for Seychelles through South Africa and also through the different Middle East hubs that are today working in Brazil.

Mr. Luiz F. Picollo, the Seychelles Consul in Brazil, has now accepted to start immediately to show a Seychelles promotional DVD in the six Cinema Halls he owns in Ascencion in Paraguay. The promotional DVD will be aired nightly before the start of the films.

The Seychelles Consul explained that Paraguay is a landlocked country, and new beach holiday destinations are always being looked for. The Seychelles Consul will also be working with the Tourism Board to get a group from Paraguay to participate in the Seychelles annual Carnaval International de Victoria.

During his stay in Brazil, Minister Alain St.Ange will also be meeting with the Samba School of Carnaval and Globo TV.

The policy of diversification of the Seychelles Tourism Markets was launched a couple of years ago by the island’s President, Mr. James Michel, when he personally held the tourism portfolio. President Michel headed different delegations to China and India with the aim of opening these two markets. It was during these visits that MOUs were signed in China with the BTS Tour Operator of China in the presence of local private sector businesses and the Air Seychelles Beijing representative after a presentation of Seychelles was made to the BTS Group of companies. This was followed by the signing of more MOUs in Hong Kong between the Seychelles Tourism Board and a dozen Hong Kong and Macau tour operators again after a Seychelles presentation by representatives of the Seychelles hotels, destination management companies, and Air Seychelles.

Minister St.Ange explained that the President’s personal involvement paved the way for airlines serving Seychelles to be more focused on China as a market for Seychelles. Many of these airlines participated with the Tourism Board in their stands at Chinese tourism trade fairs, and these efforts have seen a dramatic increase in visitor arrival numbers from China.

“It did not happen by itself. The Seychelles Tourism Board followed the lead by the President of the Republic and opened a new door. The Tourism Board worked to get the destination more visible and the hotels, DMCs, and airlines interested in that market then moved in to get their share of the business. Many are today already reaping the benefits from their work and efforts alongside the Tourism Board,” Minister St.Ange said.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP).

PHOTO (L to R): Consul Luiz Picollo, Minister Alain St.Ange, David Germain, Myra Fanchelle, Abel Ferreira de Assis

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